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Window Cleaning business owner Craig Hendzel dives into "Getting Ready for Spring" for window cleaners. It's not always easy transitioning from the slow season to the busy, but the days of peering out your window at the snow and cold must end by preparing yourself for the coming grind! Shaping your season by planning your schedule ahead of time can ease the growing pains that Spring can bring. Plus, don't forget about self-care and ensuring you're exercising, even when you'd like nothing more but to cozy up by the fireplace with hot cocoa as much as possible.

Dan Platta discusses the importance of creating and keeping to a budget, which makes a successful business thrive! He quotes Mike Tyson, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face," showing window cleaners that having a backup plan for unpredictable emergencies is vital for keeping your business safe. In fact, budgeting takes less effort than one might imagine. It's the foundation of your goals and metrics, your business's playbook, and a guidepost for your decision-making throughout the year. Now, go get it!

Bobby Walker divulges the advice from companies with a healthy culture, hard-working employees, and great leaders that he struggled to emulate. Consistently recruiting before you are left without help, changing the way you interview to find out what kind of applicant the employee is, and putting in at least an hour of interviewing time to truly get to know the applicant can help your company soar.

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  • Creating budgets for a successful company
  • Escaping the "Employee trap"
  • Take control of your company by creating your own busy season
  • Gear Prep with Austin Grubbs


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