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In the January 2021 edition of The American Window Cleaner Magazine, Jersey talks about the benefits of route work, noting how frequency is king when it comes down to it. Cleaning a single window pane for a buck doesn't sit right with most folks. But, if you're only cleaning about 1-2 weeks worth of dirt and the windows all follow one another in the same strip mall, then that buck will turn into $75 pretty quickly. "Rain or shine, it's money you can count on," Jersey notes. The end goal is to build a huge, powerful route.

Business Manager of Agent Clean Solutions Nathan Redelfs breaks down human motivation in his article "Needs and Wants", relating it to the window cleaning industry, including customers, esteem needs, work culture, and career advancement. Most employees will come to work for the paycheck to meet their most basic needs. It will be the employees who wish to achieve their full potential in the work environment that business owners will be able to rely on. Customers are like this, too, Redelfs explains, for when they are lower on the income scale, they'll have less motivation to invest in services that aren't fulfilling basic needs, such as food, water, or shelter.

Jim DuBois discusses examining expenses and seeing the big picture in "Things to Consider Right Now." The coronavirus, election, and economy have gotten people down. But, with challenges comes the need to spring into action. Increasing marketing efforts, getting your finances aligned, and focusing on existing customers will get you on the right track business-wise, even in the most challenging of situations.

Picking yourself up from challenges is the way to go. AWC Mag touches on positivity and choosing discipline over regret. Take charge of your life and be inspired with AWC Magazine!


  • The future of window cleaning: How Covid-19 impacted the lives of window cleaners
  • Things to consider: Seeing the bigger picture and examining expenses during hard times
  • Tips and Tricks: Steel wool, on finding employees, soaked towel solutions, and more
  • Selling Route Work

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