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The 2019 International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) convention had large safety undertones. IWCA Safety Director Stefan Bright talked about safety in his opening comments and gave his perspective on the current state of the window cleaning industry. In addition, safety classes filled the entire convention week.

Bleach is commonly used in the roof washing process to kill moss, algae, and lichen with low pressure. However, bleach and other chemicals run off the roof and onto the customer's plants and shrubs, in turn killing them. AWC contributor Michael Hinderliter offers guidance to avoid unnecessarily damaging plants.

WindowWashingWealth.Com's Jim DuBois imagines two different business revenue models. He covers what it takes to build the business models, how they may look, and the challenges you will face. The first business model DuBois looks at is the $250,000 business model. He says the average monthly goal is $25,000.


  • Learn about IWCA's glass research
  • Update on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
  • What it's like to be the middle child
  • Ettore introduces the Ez1Pro+


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