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David Wells and Ryan Tolmich open this issue with a dual interview from publisher and interviewer Michael Draper. Wells and Tolmich are in a business partnership together; they own Sunco Window Cleaning. Draper asks how long they've been in the industry, what it's like to be in a partnership, and what their roles are.

During the winter months, most power-washing contractors tend to slow down and, in some cases, shut down. AWC contributor Michael Hinderliter offers suggestions on how to survive the winter months and, more importantly, the dip in revenue. He recommends partaking in the Phil Ackland Training and Certification course.

Every small business eventually hits a rough patch, and it's easy to get discouraged when it happens. CPA Packard and Associates' Dorsey Packard explores how small businesses in trouble managed to get off the rocks and moving again. He offers five pieces of advice for struggling businesses, the first being to focus on triage.


  • Stack ladder safety
  • How a destitute farm boy built a seven-figure window cleaning business
  • Learn what WFP Link is and how it works
  • Read about the Ettore Ledgeez


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