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A ubiquitous thing to do in the service industry is to buy chemicals in bulk and then distribute said chemicals into smaller, unlabelled bottles for you and your employees. The problem with that is not being able to remember which bottle has which chemical. Publisher Michael Draper encourages window cleaners to print labels for their unmarked bottles.

AWC contributor Jim DuBois completes the third and final part of his marketing mistakes series. The last three mistakes he ends on are failure to make marketing the top priority, avoiding or having a bad website, and not employing an SEO strategy. DuBois concludes by saying the only thing standing between you and business growth is the willingness to think outside of the box.

When water is forced through a small hole, it becomes abrasive and slowly widens the hole. Eventually, the metal tip will grow deformed and will need to be replaced. Learn all about pressure washing tip replacement and what each tip does. In addition, wand tips and surface cleaner tips are discussed.


  • Knight Window Cleaning, a window cleaning couple, is interviewed
  • Window cleaning accountability with RFID
  • How and why to protect glass surfaces during construction
  • Tucker Pole Systems celebrates 60 years of service


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