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A job interview is very similar to a first date. An employer's goal is to get as much useful information out of you as possible within a certain time constraint. AWC contributor Anne Richter shares ten things never to ask a job candidate during an interview. She also offers suggestions on how an employer can rephrase their questions to get their desired answer.

Safety expert Gary Mauer explores personal fall restraints. Mauer touches upon residential roof anchors, homes and anchors, and other pieces of equipment. He concludes by saying if you stay focused on what you can teach yourself, but learn it well, you can qualify yourself to use basic fall restraint.

Self-insurance programs offer many benefits such as lower insurance premiums, better insurance coverage, more reliable insurance, a safer workplace, and an improved bottom line. AWC contributor Mark E. Battersby compares and contrasts self-insurance and other forms of insurances while providing information on both.


  • IWCA celebrates 25 years at their latest convention in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Learn what the ideal company size is
  • What businesses have the highest profit potential
  • Unger announces its new 50th edition window cleaning kit


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