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Spider Style, a 'Specialist Cleaning Services Entity and Rope Access' facility company recently opened an office in the UAE. Unlike their normal window cleaning counterparts, Spider Style conducts its business in a different manner. They send a dedicated team of abseiling cleaners dressed as superheroes.

Window cleaning from a ladder is not efficient and at the same time dangerous. As statistics show, most of the accidents for window cleaners involve falling off ladders. Waterfed poles are the safer and more efficient alternative and window cleaner Mark Ostrobrod is here to tell you why.

AWC contributor Gary Mauer talks about common sense in window cleaners or lack thereof. Mauer said common sense doesn't make a window cleaner qualified: training, education, and experience do. He concludes by saying common sense is overrated and there are no standardized courses or tests to prove it.


  • How to franchise your window cleaning business and why you should
  • The US updates its healthcare policies
  • How to avoid litigation landmines
  • Why you should implement postcards for your business


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