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The waterfed pole is considered to be a boon to safe window cleaning because it virtually eliminates the fall from big heights. However, AWC contributor Gary Mauer warns not to let your guard down because there are still a ton of safety issues to contend with. He lists a ton of safety tips waterfed pole users should be aware of.

AWC contributor Shirley Leonard dives into all the different kinds of fears that plague window cleaners. Leonard interviews a few window cleaning professionals and they share their fears such as heights and uncertainty. One of the toughest jobs an employer encounters is maintaining good rapport with his employees. Learn how to better navigate your workplace and employees.

Droughts and water restrictions have a bigger impact on window cleaners than you may think. Raleigh, North Carolina was hit so hard by both the aforementioned issues that many small businesses, including window cleaners, had to shut down permanently. Read the story of 20/20 Window Cleaning Company and what owner Jack Evans did to keep his doors open.


  • Why you should implement a health savings account
  • How to weed out fake telemarketing calls and scams asking for your business
  • International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) announces its safety certificate recipients
  • Read about the strange happenings in the world of window cleaning


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