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Window cleaning tends to be repetitive work that can cause a variety of musculoskeletal disorders which are injuries to nerves, muscles, tendons, joints, or bones. This issue of the American Window Cleaner magazine opens with AWC contributor Gary Mauer exploring the topic of ergonomics. Mauer recommends ergonomic tools and proper work posture.

Dealing with government or federal institutions as a window cleaner often means dealing with guidelines, bidding, paperwork, and low profitability. Brite Way's Jerry Rigdon is a federal and government institution cleaning veteran and offers advice and insight into that specific line of work.

Precision Cleaning started from scratch by a man brand new to Naples, Florida with just $300 in his pocket. AWC contributor Anne Richter is here to tell his story. Richter interviews owner David Fisher and he talks about where he came from, why he did it, and how his business is so successful.


  • How to choose the right add-on business
  • Read about the 11th annual Window Cleaning Network Picnic
  • Deciding between pants or shorts for your employees
  • See what's new at ABC Supply

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