Filter Replacement & Re Order

When it comes to filter replacement for your Xero Pure, the system comes with two consumable carbon filters: Sediment Carbon and DI. Extend the RO Membrane life from 2 to 4 years with frequent Carbon Filter change. This also heavily depends on frequency of use and how hard your water is.

Carbon Filter

Supplied with the Xero Pure are filter wrenches. Open up the Carbon Filter with the small filter wrench using a clockwise motion. Inside is a simple, cost effective Sediment Carbon Filter with new ones sold at around $10.00 and is available anywhere. When you change it flush out the Carbon Filter or use a wet rag to remove particulates. It threads right back on easily. Lubricate seals and o-rings prior to resealing each time you open up the Carbon Filter. Tighten the Carbon Filter by hand instead of the wrench to avoid over-tightening for future filter changes.


Xero Pure’s DI cartridge is installed upside down and is marked with an ‘arrow of flow’. Loosen the wrench and remove by hand. Notice the arrow of flow, the arrow should point to the filter head. Inside the housing is a refillable quarter cubic foot of DI resin. Unscrew it, dump out the media, flush it out with a hose, pack in new media and refill just one or two of these with the ½ cube of resin. You can refill both and store the spare by wrapping it in plastic wrap and keeping it somewhere cool. When putting it back together make sure the arrow is down down, your O-ring is well lubricated and back on the top of the housing and then finally you can tighten by hand.


Xero Pure comes with a TDS Meter to make sure the DI resin is running at optimal performance. Catch a bit of purified water in the cap, turn the unit on and get a reading. Note that you’re looking for a 000 after you change your DI Resin.

  • Stage 1 - Carbon

    A simple filter that sits at the back of the machine. Designed to block carbon and loose sediment from entering your XERO pure. Replacements available at any big store.

  • Stage 2 -
    RO Reverse Osmosis

    With proper care and regular flushing, your RO membrane will last for years. Designed to lower the TDS of your incoming water in an to protect the longevity of your DI Resin.

  • Stage 3 - Deionization Resin

    The final step in the filtration process. DI resin polishes leaves you with "solid free" water to clean windows with spot-free results.