Window Cleaning Poles

Did you mean
or Waterfed Poles?

  • Extension Poles are great for residential, route or storefront work. Attach any of your traditional tools such as squeegees, scrapers and other window cleaning accessories. Choose from Carbon Fiber, aluminum or fiberglass. Available in top brands including XERO, Garelick, Unger, Ettore, Sorbo, Pulex, Tucker and more!

  • Waterfed Poles are essential for reaching new heights when window cleaning. Clean ground level windows all the way up to 6 stories and above all from the safety of the ground. We carry water fed poles consisting of durable Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Carbon Fiber material (the most popular). We have poles suited for residential, commercial and more!

What is the difference between
Traditional and Water Fed?

There are two main styles of cleaning windows. Traditional window cleaners favor using hand tools like squeegees and mops. Water Fed Window Cleaners use pure water and brushes to leave a spotless clean.

Traditional Extension Poles feature only a few sections and tend to be on the shorter side. These poles usually have a tip that will accept traditional tools. Brands offer tips that will best fit their tools, so a Moerman Pole works excellent with a Moerman Excelerator. These poles are made from aluminum to be affordable, or carbon fiber to be rigid and lightweight. If you want to learn even more, check out our Extension Pole Guide.

Waterfed Poles have many sections and come in a range of materials. Determining your budget and how high you need to reach is an excellent starting point for narrowing down your search. All water fed poles utilize a standard Euro Threaded tip to accept water fed brushes and scrubbers. They have a hose that hooks up to your pure water system and pumps water out of the brush to clean windows. To learn more about Water Fed Poles, check out our post on Understanding Water Fed Poles.

Do I want a Telescopic
or Modularscopic Pole?

Telescopic Poles nest the sections inside one another for a nice compact way to travel. These poles generally cannot be added onto, and the height you initially purchase will be what it stays. To operate these poles, the user opens a clamp and extends a section to gain height. Sections can be added or dropped on some models. Telescopic poles are generally lower cost and available in a variety of materials.

Modular Scopic poles give you more flexibility. These poles can have their number of sections modified by either dropping some or adding extensions later on. These poles combine the features of a Telescopic pole with modular sections. Typically sections can be added or dropped at any time on all models of modularscopic poles. They are typically more expensive then telescopic poles because they are more versatile. These are usually available in Carbon Fiber.

What are the different
Clamping Styles?

Traditional Poles can have external locking cones, clamps, or twist-lock styles. All of these serve the same purpose of extending sections; it just depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer internal twist-lock poles like Garelick because there isn't anything on the exterior to get damaged. These extension poles are great because there's no collar to get in the way. The sections extend with a very easy twist of the section.

Other people prefer the clamp style like the XERO Trad Pole 2.0 because it is easy to make adjustments while you work. With the XERO Trad Poles, there is no need to twist anything. The clamps keep extended sections locked in place. Replacement clamps are readily available, it is bolted on for easy replacements.

Water Fed Poles all utilize an external clamp. The line of XERO Poles, for example, have a unique gripping interior that helps prevent the sections from slipping. The XERO line of poles utilizes bolted on clamps which are almost always preferred by window cleaners. With glued on clamps you run the risk for them failing in the field.