Youtube Affiliate Program

We want to work with you! Keep scrolling to read about our Affiliate Program for Youtubers!

Perks of the Program

  • Earn Passive Income

    Earn commission on all sales you refer! People must purchase through your link. Affiliate links can only be shared on Youtube.

  • No time Commitment

    Work on your own time and when it is most convenient for you. There is NO time commitment or deadlines from us.

  • Be An Industry Leader

    If you are an active Youtuber, your videos are helping the window cleaning community. We strongly support industry leaders!

  • Discounted Products

    If you shop with Window Cleaning Resource you will get a discount on all future orders. Save money while you make money!

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  • Tips For Creating
    Great Youtube Content:

    1. Introduce Yourself - Introduce yourself in every video in case it is someone’s first time watching a video on your channel
    2. Don't Get Discouraged - Creating Youtube content is a marathon, not a sprint. You are not going to get thousands of followers over night.
    3. Engage With Your Audience - Reply to comments, listen to your viewers and answer questions if people have them. This is how you build trust with your followers.
    4. Be Authentic - No one likes a phony! Be sure you truly believe/love the product or information you are presenting to your viewers. People respect honest reviews and feedback.
    5. Provide Value - Be genuine and provide value to your followers. Don't spam your videos with links, if you come off pushy and constantly trying to sell something, it becomes off-putting.
    6. Invest In A Good Mic - Poor sound quality is really noticeable when you buy cheap mics and it is off putting. your viewers.
    7. Consistently Upload - Consider forming a schedule of when you upload videos. It will keep you accountable and viewers want to know when then can expect your next upload.
    8. Title Your Videos - Carefully craft your video titles. What is appealing to your viewers? Make sure your title is captivating and true to your content.
    9. Upload Thumbnails - Thumbnails are important, come up with a consistent style for your brand.
    10. Write Descriptions - Always include a description in your video, be sure to link any products using your affiliate code.

    Examples Of Great
    Youtube Content:

    1. "Top" Videos - Top 3, 5 or 10 style videos on topics such as tools, techniques, or business tips.
    2. Job Overviews - Show a job you are doing and some possible pros and cons of the job.
    3. Tool Reviews - Give detailed reviews about a tool such as what you liked or disliked about it. Be honest so your viewers can learn to trust you.
    4. Vlogs - Film a whole day of work and talk about some of the other things you do in the day along with cleaning windows.
    5. Show And Tell Your Vehicle - Show off your window cleaning vehicle, viewers always like getting new ideas for the vehicles.
    6. Show And Tell Your Tools - Show off your tools, tool belt, etc to show others what you have every day for cleaning windows.
    7. Business Tips  - Your personal tips can be very helpful to viewers about how to quote, get more business, or any other topic you feel you have knowledge on.

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