Instagram Affiliate Program

We want to work with you! Keep scrolling to read about our Affiliate Program for Instagramers!

Perks of the Program

  • Earn Passive Income

    Earn commission on all sales you refer! People must purchase through your link. Affiliate links can only be shared on Instagram.

  • No time Commitment

    Work on your own time and when it is most convenient for you. There is NO time commitment or deadlines from us.

  • Be An Industry Leader

    If you are an active Instagramer, your photos may be inspiring the window cleaning community. We support industry leaders!

  • Discounted Products

    If you shop with Window Cleaning Resource you will get a discount on all future orders. Save money while you make money!

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  • Tips For Creating
    Great Instagram Content:

    1. Have A Bio - Back to basics! Make sure you have a bio. Convey what you are about. Include relevant hashtags, etc.
    2. Use Visually Appealing Photos - This may seem obvious but we have to say it. Photos should be clear, vibrant and cool. We'll share some examples below.
    3. Use LinkTree (Or Something Similar) - Instagram only allows one link in your profile. Services like Linktree (free) can help. Always link your affiliate code!
    4. Engage With Your Audience - Reply to comments on and off your posts/profile. Build trust with your followers and make new followers simultaneously. Follow relevant accounts too!
    5. Provide Value - Be genuine and provide value to your followers. Don't spam your videos with links, if you come off pushy and constantly trying to sell something, it becomes off-putting.
    6. Use Hashtags - Always use hashtags so new people can find your posts. Be tagging #wcrlife and #iorderfromwcr for your WCR relevant hashtags.
    7. Use Mentions - Repost or reblog other accounts. You can always tag @windowcleaner in your cool content.
    8. Consistently Upload - Consider forming a schedule of when you upload posts or stories. It will keep you accountable and keep account looking fresh and active.
    9. Be Cool - This may be vague but the best performing window cleaning instagrams are just cool and filled with fresh, vibrant photos.
    10. Don't Forget About Stories - Creating Youtube content is a marathon, not a sprint. You are not going to get thousands of followers over night.
    11. Post Videos -Instagram isn't just for pictures. You can utilize videos in a number of ways. Think reels, IGTV and more!

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