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Moerman Tool Bungees

Moerman Tool Bungees

While Moerman is still considered relatively new player in the window cleaning industry, the company’s roots trace back all the way to 1885. Based in Meulebeke, Belgium, Moerman began as the Bristle and Hair Trading Company for the brush making industry.

Today, Moerman NV is owned and managed by two descendants of the Moerman family and specializes in the development and production of long-lasting, competitively priced, state-of-the art tools for floor, window, and wall cleaning.

Moerman began in the floor-cleaning industry in the 1950s, producing industrial floor squeegees, which today are considered the universal benchmark for the floor cleaning industry. One reason for the product line’s success is their unique, durable, natural Dura-Flex rubber.

Moerman’s understanding of what makes a good squeegee rubber – i.e., one that is made from pure material, is cut straight with no burs, that glides easily, and that provides a clean, streak-free wipe – helped lead the company into developing products for the professional window cleaning industry in the early 2000s. That’s when Moerman introduced its first window cleaning products, the Aqua Wiping line of quality, no-nonsense window cleaning tools for the residential market.

In 2012, Moerman entered the professional window cleaning market, launching the ProClean range of tools. During the development of the ProClean line, Moerman watched and listened to members of the professional window cleaning industry to learn why they did things certain ways, and what they wished could be done differently.

As they studied the professional window cleaning market more – specifically researching buying motives and ways to make tools that were more cost productive – Moerman began to see some gaps in the current market offerings. Specifically, they wanted to create tools that would help make window cleaners’ lives easier, more efficient, less dangerous, and more profitable.

Through this process, Moerman developed what they call the “EASE” philosophy. EASE stands for:

  • Efficient – helping window cleaners earn more money, faster.

  • Amazing Results – allowing even the less experienced to get it right the first time.

  • Safe – reducing injuries and deaths.

  • Ergonomic – incorporating ways to reduce tool weight, provide more precision and control, and eliminate needless movements.  

To help in this process, Moerman utilizes a team of hand-picked professional window cleaners of varying backgrounds, referred to as the “EASE Angels,” to test new prototypes before new products hit the market. With every new product, the EASE Angels determine whether the offering sufficiently meets the EASE values before it is launched.

Much of the EASE philosophy plays out in the clever details of Moerman’s tools. Internally, company members actively look for what they term “Opportunities for Improvement,” or OFIs. Once an idea is secured, Moerman’s technical efficiency and manufacturing background can help get it through research and development quickly and at a cost advantage for customers.

Since the launch of its complete window cleaning tool lines, Moerman now focuses more on developing less expected products aimed at helping professionals clean better, faster, and safer. Some popular examples of these products include:

The Liquidator Channel: This unique squeegee features and angled edge for better detailing. Because it cuts the water away from the edge of the glass, it eliminates the need for wiping.

The Combinator: This lightweight, ergonomic, and versatile system can be used as a washer and squeegee in one, allowing for cleaning in one pass or two. Because it is component based, it can be customized according to your needs and budget. The Combinator is ideal for pole work, residential and store fronts.

The Excelerator: This creates a revolutionary way of squeegeeing with an extension pole by providing super smooth swivel movement, and featuring a swivel lock button and a light, ergonomic grip, making it ideal for those high and low reach positions. The handle’s pivot action allows for a great range of motion, or it can be locked in place in dead center. The handle also allows you to change the angle at which the blade hits the glass – 10, 25, or 40 degrees.

The F*LIQ:  This thick microfiber washing pad can be easily clipped on to the back of the channel, preventing the need to change tools. You simply flick it forward to wash then flick it backward to squeegee. The F*LIQ can be used with both pole work as well as by hand.

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