Unger Extension Poles

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*Ground shipments to the continental US.

Route work? Storefronts? Residential? Extension poles come in handy on all types of jobs, especially if you want to stay off of a ladder. Window Cleaning Resource carries many of the industry’s top brands such as XERO, Unger, Tucker, Moerman, and Ettore. Choose between modular scopic, telescopic, and a variety of materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, hybrid and more! In addition, certain brands of poles come in different colors. If you will be using your pole frequently (or even daily) we highly suggest you invest in a Carbon Fiber extension pole. Get yourself a high-quality Carbon Fiber extension! Check out the XERO Extension Poles, for example. You will feel the difference of the Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum or another hybrid based material. Be sure to also check out our selection of Extension Pole Accessories for adapters, upgrade kits and more.