The Squeegee Life Collection

Ready to show off your pride for your trade? The wait is over with these super-soft, artist-designed t-shirts by the boys over at Squeegee Life!

The Squeegee Life apparel collection has been buzzing since 2017 when Marc and Tj were inspired to create stylish, comfortable gear for proud window cleaners to flaunt on the job. With fresh designs that evolve with the times and take influence from favored brands and childhood memories, Seth Byers, Marc Tanner, Tim Huber, and Tj Gilbert set out to create awesome gear that window cleaners could don with pride in what they do to support their families.

Soon after, they created a YouTube channel with informative videos and recordings of over 200 podcast episodes. Now, the four squeegee-fanatics host this live podcast every Wednesday night called "Squeegee Life", so pop on your soon-to-be favorite t-shirt and laugh with them as they discuss all things window cleaning.

Check out their YouTube channel here!

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