Standard Buckets

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  1. Ettore-Super-Bucket-Main-View
    Ettore Super Bucket
  2. Ettore-Super-Bucket-Complete-Full-View
  3. Pro-Rectangular-Bucket-Front-View
    Pro Rectangular Bucket

    Starting at $21.35

  4. Pulex  Bucket Color Options
    Pulex Bucket

    Starting at $24.00

  5. Pulex Bucket Set
    Pulex Bucket Set

    Starting at $36.32

  6. Unger-Pro-Bucket-Main-View
    Unger Pro Bucket
  7. Pro-Bucket-Color-Options-View
    Pro Bucket

    Starting at $7.62

  8. Ettore-Super-Bucket-Lid-Top-View
    Ettore Super Bucket Lid
  9. Pro-Rectangular-Bucket-Lid-Color-Options-View
    Pro Rectangular Bucket Lid

    Starting at $4.85

  10. Pro-Standard-Bucket-Lid-Color-Bar-View
    Pro Standard Bucket Lid

    Starting at $7.75

  11. Pulex Bucket Lid Color Options
    Pulex Bucket Lid

    Starting at $12.32

  12. Unger Pro Bucket Lid Main View
    Unger Pro Bucket Lid
  13. Pro-Bucket-Lid-Color-Options
    Pro Bucket Lid

    Starting at $3.85

  14. Pro-Bucket-Lid-5-Gallon-Main-View
    Pro Bucket Lid 5 Gallon - Gray

    Starting at $3.75

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Buckets, among other accessories, are essential for professional window cleaners. Choose from rectangular or round buckets that hold anywhere from 3.5 to 6 gallons of water. Window Cleaning Resource carries buckets manufactured by Unger, Ettore, Pulex, Pro and Sorbo. The material consists of sturdy plastic so it can withstand daily use. Depending on brand, different colors are also in stock. Supporting accessories such as lids, handles, clips, casters and sieves are also available.

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