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What is the best window cleaning kit?

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What is the best window cleaning kit?

Let’s say you run a window cleaning business, or are thinking about starting one. First of all, congratulations to you! Window cleaning is one of the most fulfilling and fruitful careers out there, with so many options for generating income, flexibility with building your own schedule, and gives you time to spend with loved ones. Plus, window cleaning has an extremely supportive community, so if you’re struggling and need some help, there are people out there to support you with their experience and expertise. Now, you may be thinking: okay, I’ll just take a quick trip to the hardware store, grab the first products I see, and start knocking on doors. We say, hold that thought. Although it may be tempting to jump in blind and buy whatever products come up first or, if you’re already established, keep using the products you’re used to, we at Window Cleaning Resource would suggest you take some time to ensure you have the absolute best traditional products at hand. Having the right tools can make or break your business, as having the wrong tools, no matter how impeccable your technique, can leave unsightly streaks, drips, or dirt.

Simple Kits for Starting Out

To help get you started, the experts at Window Cleaning Resource gathered some fantastic basic products needed for starting off. We want to make sure you’re confident when you begin the first day of the rest of your life (or career, for that matter!).

Keep It Simple Kit

This is one of our most affordable kits available. Perfect for beginners, it comes equipped with a 14” Pulex Complete Stainless Steel with Rubber Grip Squeegee, which is midweight and great for all-day use. You’ll also receive an extra piece of rubber for when your original blade wears down, a 12-pack of recycled surgical towels for catching drips and wiping wet frames, and a 14” Pulex Complete FT 12 Stripwasher for scrubbing away dirt and grime. This kit is for the minimalist at heart, with high-grade products that’ll be perfect to get you started.

Ettore Basic Kit

If you realize it’s time to upgrade to some higher-quality equipment, this Ettore Basic Kit may be the choice for you. The Ettore brand is well-trusted throughout the window cleaning industry by experts, so we at Window Cleaning Resource put together this beginner’s kit with the knowledge that everything included is of the highest quality. Including more components than the Keep It Simple Kit, this Ettore set contains the 14” Ettore Complete ProGrip Comfort Quick Release Stainless Steel Channel Squeegee, which allows you to change squeegee rubber with the push of a button. It’s also got the 14” Ettore Complete Golden Glove Stripwasher, so you can scrub and lift off dirt and grime with the super-plush scrubber sleeve. To make your washing solution, it comes with the Ettore Squeegee-Off Soap, and to hold your solution, the Ettore Compact Super Bucket, which is also a perfect container for storing your tools when off the job. The Ettore MicroSwipe Towels come in a pack of ten, and are ideal for detailing edges and catching drips while you perfect your technique. Once your squeegee rubber wears down, you’ll also have two three-foot replacement strips which you can cut to fit your favorite squeegee. The Ettore brand is strong, and this basic kit will have you covered.

Basic Pulex Kit

Another kit put together by the WCR crew is the Basic Pulex Kit. Great for when you’re on a budget, the Basic Pulex Kit contains a Pulex Bucket, a 14” Pulex Complete Technolite Squeegee, and a 14” Pulex Complete MicroTiger Stripwasher. The squeegee and stripwasher both have extremely comfortable rubber grips for minimizing fatigue during your workday, and the bucket is great for mixing a solution with your favorite soap. For when your rubber is ready to be changed, you’ll also receive two three-foot Pulex Soft Squeegee Rubber strips, which you can custom cut to fit your squeegee channel of choice. This kit also comes handy with a 12-pack of Pulex Microfiber Towels to catch any drippage before it stains your beautiful work.

Solid Kits to Upgrade Your Workflow

So, did you check out our basic kits? Do you feel like you need more? Don’t sweat it! We’ve assembled some upgraded kits for you, too, at WCR.

Ettore Cleaning and Dusting Kit

Ahh, Ettore - a trustworthy brand with sturdy, high-quality products. We’ve assembled another Ettore kit for you, the Ettore Cleaning and Dusting Kit. This kit features the 14” Ettore Complete ProGrip Comfort Quick Release Stainless Steel Channel Squeegee, 14” Ettore Complete Mighty Stripwasher, and Ettore Compact Super Bucket. It also comes with a ten-pack of Ettore MicroSwipe Towels, Ettore Squeegee-Off Soap, and two three-foot strips of Ettore Master Squeegee Rubber. What’s more, is the eight-foot Ettore REA-C-H 2 Section Extension Pole, and for interior jobs, the Ettore Elite Cobweb Duster. Packing more punch than the Ettore Basic, this Ettore Cleaning and Dusting Kit is the upgrade that may satisfy your window cleaning craving.

Sörbo Commercial Kit

Mr. Sörbo isn’t just the Godfather of the wide-body squeegee. He makes all kinds of top-of-the-line window cleaning products, and we’ve rounded them up for you in the convenient Sörbo Commercial Kit. This kit can work for residential jobs, too, yet due to the inclusion of three widebody squeegees, it’s perfect for tackling storefront windows throughout your daily route. This kit comes with the Sörbo Swivel Squeegee Handle, and three different-sized compatible channels. The 18” Sörbo Black Mamba Squeegee Channel, 30” Sörbo Black Mamba Squeegee Channel, and 54” Sörbo Eliminator Squeegee Channel will be more than enough to ensure a speedy clean on larger windows. You’ll also be prepared for the long haul with a 50 foot roll of Sörbo Rubber that can be cut down to your preferred size. Not to mention, the super absorbent 24” Sörbo S-Arm Double Yellow Jacket Washer to minimize time, the eight-foot Sörbo California Dream 2 Section Extension Pole to reach high spots, and a pint of the Sörbo Squeegee Glide Solution for a squeaky clean glimmer. Sörbo products never disappoint, and we think this commercial kit would add to your daily drivers.

Advanced Kits for the Window Pro

So, you’ve checked out the basic kits and read up on the upgrades, but something isn’t hitting quite right. You have these products already, or something similar, and are looking for the best of the best. You’re ready for something really serious. Luckily, Window Cleaning Resource’s team is made up not only of product specialists, but field experts who have been cleaning windows for decades. Here are a couple of our most advanced kits, put together for the seriously busy window cleaning professional.

Pro Trad Kit

The Pro Trad Kit features the Ettore Ledge-Eze Squeegee Handle, which is compatible with the 14” Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Channel and the 18” Ettore Super Squeegee Channel that come with this grand window cleaning kit. As well, the 18” Unger ErgoTec Ninja T-Bar works perfectly with the 18” Moerman Microfiber Sleeve to give you a sparkling clean. When stickers and bird droppings abound, break out the 6” Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper, pair it with the 40° Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handle, and carry them easily in the Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper Holster. The specialty 14” squeegee/scrubber Moerman Complete Excelerator Combo Squeegee does two jobs at once, minimizing time spent on each individual window. Hold it all together with the Unger ErgoTec Pouch, Unger ErgoTec Tool Belt, and the Pulex Tubex Holster with Detachable Clip. Furthermore, the eight-foot Unger OptiLoc Extension Pole 2 Section will allow you to reach high places, and the Ettore Super Bucket with Lid will be perfect for mixing your solution. Finally, the XERO Fish Scale Towel and two of the Irish Linen-constructed Unger Scrim will help you detail edges for a sparkling finish. Add this Pro Trad Kit to your line of defense against dirt, grime, and more on your residential or commercial route!

SteveO’s Ultimate Window Cleaning Kit

One of our very own, SteveO, has created a kit with such mind-bogglingly wonderful products, that we had to list them all here for you. Including a 6”, 8”, and 10” Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Channel, a 12-pack in 14” and 18” replacement Ettore Master Squeegee Rubber, a 14” Ettore Complete Ledge-Eze Squeegee, an 18” Pulex Complete Alumax Swivel Squeegee, you’ll be prepared for any job thrown at you. Additionally, the SteveO kit includes the award-winning 14” Moerman Excelerator 2.0 specialty flipper squeegee and stripwasher to minimize time spent on jobs. What will benefit you, too, is the 14” and 18” Ettore Pro+ Super System T-Bar and the 14” and 18” Ettore Pro+ Microfiber Sleeve which can be used in tandem to scrub away stubborn dirt. All of these sturdy products can be hooked up to the twelve-foot Unger OptiLoc 3 Section Extension Pole, and for when the messes are extra sticky, the 6” Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper Combo and three XERO White Scrub Pads will be to your disposal. SteveO knew you’d need something to hold all these tools, so he included the Moerman Tool Belt and the Moerman Side-Kit Pouch, along with the Moerman Bucket on a Belt and the Pulex Bucket Set for your solution. If you’re ready to upgrade your traditional gear to the maximum, don’t snooze on SteveO’s Ultimate Window Cleaning Kit.

Want to learn more?

Now that you’ve looked into some of our amazing kits, you’ve probably got questions on your mind about the differences, similarities, and unique aspects of each piece of equipment. Well, these products and HUNDREDS more can be checked out on our fantastic Window Cleaning Resource platforms! For product reviews, discussions, information, and more:

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And most importantly - get out there, believe in yourself, work hard, and don’t forget - the rewards of this career are bountiful - so, have fun! As always, if you have any questions, Window Cleaning Resource has technical support available to you 24/7. Not only are our technicians friendly and knowledgeable about our products, but most of them own or have owned their own window cleaning business for decades, and are open to fielding any question you may have about window cleaning. Talk to you soon! From, Your friendly professionals at Window Cleaning Resource
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