Best Products for Window Cleaners - WCR

Best Products for Window Cleaners - WCR

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What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

If you’re looking to discover the tools of the trade of all things window cleaning, you’ve come to the right place. Every day, window cleaning professionals utilize their knowledge and skills to give residential, commercial, and industrial windows that sought after sparkling sheen. But, they also need to ensure they have the best tools on the market to get the job done with efficiency and professionalism. When you’re just starting out, the list can be overwhelming. From traditional tools such as the single-blade squeegee to today’s innovative water fed equipment, let’s break it down for you! We'll talk about the Best Professional Cleaning Products for Window Cleaners.

The Traditional Setup: Squeegees, Scrubbers, Scrapers & Soap

There are many different types of tools that can be used on a window cleaning job. There are some tools, however, that are absolutely necessary for all job types, that also come with a deep history. The window cleaning industry has leapt through many technological advancements - from the bulky 12-screw Chicago squeegee to the streamlined Ettore, to now sleek stainless steel and featherweight aluminum and more, there are many options you can choose from to find your perfect fit. But, since you’re starting out, let’s cut to discussing the basics.

The Traditional Squeegee

Squeegees, which are traditionally composed of a handle, a channel, hard or soft rubber, and two clips, are one of the most important tools for window cleaning. They can be straight, lock at different angles, or swivel, depending on the make and model. There are also specialty squeegees, which include scrubbers on their heads. You can often flip these while on the job to save time and be able to head to the next place at a fast pace. Squeegee accessories, like replacement rubber, extra clips, backplates for handles, and nuts and screws are available for purchase because the parts, eventually, simply wear out. Luckily, e-commerce shops like Window Cleaning Resource have everything you’d need to replace these items, and make your career’s best friend good as new. Recommended products: Unger Complete ErgoTec 40° Ninja Squeegee Moerman Excelerator 3.0

T-Bars & Scrubbers

Another most essential piece of the window cleaning professional puzzle is the T-bar and scrubber. Now, before we would make that most satisfying, all-cleaning stroke with our squeegee and wipe away all of that money-making dirt and grime, we’d need to first wet and agitate the surface to lift it from the glass. Your T-bar and scrubber in this scenario are your best associates. Just attach your scrubber onto your T-bar and dip it in your soap solution to apply it onto the glass. Now, if you’re looking to achieve super speed and tackle as many sites as you can, a specialty combination scrubber / squeegee tool will be your right-hand. Recommended products: Ettore Complete Mighty Stripwasher


Assembled with a handle and a razor blade accompanied by a plastic safety cover, scrapers will be your number one tool for the most stubborn debris. Utilize a scraper to tackle stubborn messes such as old adhesive, unwanted stickers, or residue from tape that a squeegee rubber or abrasive scrubber can’t seem to remove on their own. The scraper comes in a variety of sizes, but most of them are small enough to fit in your pocket. Your customers will be over the moon when they feast their eyes on the spotless job, thanks to these essential tools. Recommended products: Unger Ergotec Ninja Scraper

Soaps & Chemicals

From glass cleaners to glass sealants, to stain removers and screen cleaners, soaps and chemicals are an absolute necessity when it comes to a thorough window cleaning. Now, they don’t always have to be fancy - sometimes, a tiny squirt of dish soap in a gallon of water will work just fine as your solution - but, the more specific the issue on your job, the more specific the chemical you’ll need. The beauty of utilizing specially made soaps for window cleaning is that a little goes a long way. One gallon of it can come to approximately 1,280 gallons of window cleaning solution. Talk about value! Over time as you gain experience, you’ll also discover what chemicals work best for what kind of glass you’re cleaning. Some chemicals are more abrasive than others, so you’ll always want to research them to make sure they won’t cause any damage. Recommended products: Titan Glass Gleam 4 Soap

Telescopic Poles, a.k.a Extension Poles

Now, this is a window cleaning marvel that has lightened the loads of countless professionals. These lengthy, versatile poles are designed to be used with different attachments and traditional tools. They are easy to transport, are less bulky and lighter than ladders, and much safer for reaching high windows. Extension poles also make route work and store fronts a painless process. Recommended products: XERO Carbon Fiber Pole Not mentioned specifically in this list but also absolutely necessary will of course be your buckets, brushes, towels, sponges, abrasives, and BOABS - a.k.a, “Bucket on a Belt'' - that will help you tackle your job and get an A+ clean. To check out these essentials and more, visit

The Modern Update: Water Fed Pumps, Poles, & Purification Systems

So, let’s say now, you’ve deepened your game. Your clients love you. You’re increasing revenue, getting great reviews, and bigger job offers. But, with this gain in traction and larger projects on the horizon, you know that your basic equipment won’t cut it in the long run. Luckily, the world of window cleaning is expansive, and products are improving each year. With new technologies, smarter practices, and streamlined processes come more opportunity and income for the small business owner. Let’s dive into the types of special equipment window cleaning professionals need on those grander, higher-stake jobs. Water Fed Equipment: Poles, Brushes, Hoses, and Accessories Water fed equipment is an absolute game-changer when it comes to cleaning high windows. Not only does it make the work go by much faster, water fed equipment eliminates the need for clunky ladders. Window cleaning professionals utilize water fed telescopic or extension poles alongside attachable brush heads and hoses to rinse, scrub, and repeat. There is a variety of materials used to create water fed telescopic or modular-scopic poles, including aluminum, fiberglass, hybrid, and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the most preferable choice for the professional window cleaner, as it is both lightweight and stiff. Water fed brushes are crucial for scrubbing tough dirt and grime off of windows and frames. They are constructed of either rigid boar’s hair bristles, smooth nylon, or a hybrid of the two to glide and simultaneously scrub on the job. To get water directly to your brush, connect a water fed hose through your pole into the brush’s connection. There are also accessories such as pole tips, goosenecks, and flow control devices that are necessary for your water fed window cleaning equipment to work together in harmony. Recommended products: XERO Pro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Poles Tucker Alpha Brush XERO Hoses

Single Stage & Multi Stage Systems

Creating pure water is crucial to leaving a spotless sheen on your customers’ windows. Using single stage and multi stage water purification systems is a great investment, because they filter your water no matter where you are. Hooking them up to your location’s source allows you to purify their water supply and effortlessly feed your equipment properly. XERO makes wonderful single and multi stage purification systems. Some are lightweight, and others have wheels, making all of them easy to transport so you can attain beautiful cleans on larger-scale jobs. Recommended products: Single: XERO DI System Multi: XERO Pure Revolution

Pumps & Delivery Systems

Pumps and delivery systems are essentially your purification system’s right hand. These machines assist your workflow by enhancing the pressure of the location’s water source. If there is a low-pressure situation, your purification system may not be able to provide you with pure water fast enough. That’s where these machines offer a great deal of help. They are also lightweight enough to carry on the job with very little hassle or strain. Recommended products: XERO 110V Booster Pump RHG Fill N' Go Delivery System - 50 Gallons

Amazing Resources for Tips, Talk, and Techniques of the Trade

Now, we’ve talked about the traditional tools of the trade to get your business off the ground, and about the more technologically advanced items for when you’re on the rise. If you’re hungry for even more information but don’t want to sift through the countless pages on the web, Window Cleaning Resource offers amazing resources developed by experts that can help you get your window cleaning business up and running. Window Cleaning Resource not only offers you all the products you’ll need with super fast shipping, but a multitude of platforms to engage with a prosperous community of window cleaners just like you.

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