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What are the Best Glass Cleaners and Soaps?


Soap, suds, bubbles, and tubs - these such things are absolutely essential when it comes to establishing a squeaky-clean window cleaning business. Discovering which chemicals and tools suit you and your clientele best also helps you develop your brand, whether you want to show that you work with classic, innovative, or eco-friendly cleaners. But, there are so many questions that come to mind when searching for the best soaps. How will this look on the glass? Will it attract dirt? What’s the longest-lasting clean? How will this chemical affect my skin? Here, we will list the best soaps, cleaners, and chemicals to clean glass with. When first starting out, it is best to keep things simple. So, we’re here to set the complications and questions aside. Here at Window Cleaning Resource, we have developed a list of fantastic, sought-after cleaning concentrates that our customers have raved about for concocting your perfect solution - and some buckets to put it in, too. This way, you’ll have the right tools for the job, learn how to work their best attributes around the seasons and different temperatures, and define what feels best for you and your employees.

Classic Glass Cleaners

With so many different types of soaps, cleaners, and concentrates on the market, we wanted to narrow the list down for you. One powerful concentrate used by window cleaners across the globe that deserves mention is the great Titan Glass Gleam 4 Soap. “Titan” being in its name is no joke, for a little goes a very long way with this popular window cleaner. Just one gallon makes a whopping 512 gallons of solution when used as directed. You are also welcome to experiment with how much to use - more may benefit you if the windows you’re working with are coated with grease, dust, and debris, and less if they are just lightly soiled. This soap is eco-friendly, containing no phosphates, ammonia or hazardous ingredients, but it is concentrated, and means business. Caution!!! it is usually best to wear gloves to protect your skin with any cleaner. Titan Glass Gleam 4 has nearly zero bleed-back, and is great for areas with mineral-dense water. Not to mention, the formula is consistent, so you can eliminate any worries about overloading your solution with suds. Our customers in the community have raved about the results from this “Titan” of a soap: their windows look clearer, stay cleaner for longer, and, due to the low-fat content of the Titan Glass Gleam 4, don’t attract dirt. The only downside is that if you’re in search of a super-slippery feel from your squeegee, the glide with this soap is minimal. However, if that’s something you can’t live without, we’ve got a solution for you just below! A Window Cleaner’s Tip: To add a little more slip to your Titan GG4 solution, add just a touch of Dawn Dish Detergent. This can also help eliminate rainbow streaks and jagged lines that come with the territory of a non-slippery solution agent. You want to ensure, however, that it is only a tiny bit - too much Dawn can cause the windows to attract more dirt later on in time, due to the glycerin content - which is also the agent that assists in the smooth glide. Use discretion when adding it to your solution, as a little goes a long way, and spot-test it on some glass that won’t matter to your business, reputation, or wallet. If you’re more of a minimalist and wish to travel with less or smaller bottles, the Glideiator by Danish company Renseholdet ApS is a great compromise, offering both great slip and cleaning power. Made with a one-of-a-kind formula and unique scent created in collaboration with Denmark's most talented perfumer ZARKO P, this soap smells incredible, and is allergen-free. It comes in a 16 oz bottle, perfect for storing in your toolbag or bucket. The Glideiator has “glide” in its name for a reason. This soap has a sudsy consistency all while providing superior glide on the glass, which make for super-satisfying squeegee pulls. It has a similar feeling to Dawn Dish Detergent, but less is required per gallon. The recommended ratio is 1 teaspoon for every gallon of solution, but you’ll find your perfect ratio by increasing or decreasing your portion. Break down impurities with the super-smooth Glideiator!

Sun’s Out, Soap’s… Gone? We Say: No Way.

Now, something we’ve got to mention is that different cleaning chemicals are best for different times of the year. When you’ve got the sun on your side, it may be best for your mood and packing your schedule with jobs, but it isn’t best for keeping your windows wet while on them. Luckily, we’ve got some great products that put the sun to the test. For those super hot days, Cliche Chemicals Hi Slide will be your number-one liquid on the job site (alongside water, of course). Hydration reminders aside, using this additive in your window cleaning solution will not only extend the limit of its evaporation time, but it will also eliminate squeegee blade chatter. This gives you more time to work on a window, and reduces wear on your squeegee rubber, all while boosting your glidability. It is also wonderful when doing razor work, conditioning those troublesome spots and making them easier to scrape away. Adding just two teaspoons of this fantastic cleaning chemical to your soap of choice and water solution will increase the life of your squeegee, and your windows will stay wet for longer. What if you’re working in direct sunlight? Add two more teaspoons to your bucket! This will add longevity, a little extra glide, and may even save you sunscreen! The sun is truly no match for the Cliche Chemicals Hi Slide.

Eco-Friendly: Your Environment Will Thank You

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, use milder chemicals for your customers, or just show some extra respect for the planet, many folks appreciate an eco-friendly window cleaner. Luckily, we’ve got a wonderful product that tackles dirty windows just the same as our heavier-hitters. Easily clean floors, glass, walls, and countertops without leaving streaks with the environmentally-friendly Enviro-Kleen Earth Friendly Glass Cleaner. This fabulous concentrate has a pleasant, mild scent and leaves windows clear with no residue. It is absent of any toxins, alcohol, ammonia, or ethylene-based glycol ethers that aren’t readily biodegradable. It is recommended to dilute this soap 1:64. And something to love about it? It is super sudsy, and provides an excellent glide for your squeegee!

The Bucket: Your Carry-All and Tub of Love

Now that you’ve got all your soaps and additives together, you’ll need something to put it in. This is where the wonderful, all-encompassing Ettore Super Bucket Complete comes into play. With all the accessories you’ll need to store your tools safely as you carry your bucket to and from your work truck, what’s also included is a sieve to keep your tools dry as you work. This extra-large 6 gallon bucket can accommodate an 18 inch strip washer, and is absolutely essential for holding your solution while you work. The Ettore Super Bucket Complete has everything you’ll need, including the lid, bucket, and a hanging sieve. For working indoors, the Sörbo Quadropod Complete Set not only holds your cleaning solution, but reduces strain on your back! You won’t need to constantly bend down to reach your bucket. The Quadropod is convenient, as you can roll rather than carry it, and has three legs that extend and retract automatically when the center bar touches the ground. Your 3 gallon bucket connects to the stand with two quick-release locking clips, and there are convenient hooks for storing your tools on the stand.

Want to learn more?

So, you’ve got your soaps, squeegees, and tubs, now it’s ready to make some suds (and big bucks!) Cleaning rhymes aside, you’ve may still have some questions on your mind about the differences, similarities, and unique aspects of each product. Don’t sweat it! If there is ever anything you’re unsure about, want to learn more about, or need advice for, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Window Cleaning Resource is here for you 24/7, with the help of our super-friendly window cleaning experts. Having owned their own window cleaning business, too, they have tons of information on window cleaning products, business tips, and are here even if you want to just talk shop. These cleaners and HUNDREDS more products can be checked out on our fantastic Window Cleaning Resource platforms!

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And most importantly - get out there, believe in yourself, work hard, and don’t forget - the rewards of this career are bountiful - so, have fun! As always, if you have any questions, Window Cleaning Resource has technical support available to you 24/7. Not only are our technicians friendly and knowledgeable about our products, but most of them own or have owned their own window cleaning business for decades, and are open to fielding any question you may have about window cleaning. Talk to you soon!

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