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  1. Wagtail-Precision-Glide-Full-View
    Wagtail Precision Glide Squeegee

    Starting at $34.50

  2. Wagtail-Combi-Main-View
    Wagtail Combi

    Starting at $48.15

  3. Wagtail-Wave-Front-View
    Wagtail Wave

    Starting at $55.50

  4. Wagtail-Slimline-Squeegee-Main-View
    Wagtail Slimline Squeegee

    Starting at $18.67

  5. Wagtail-High-Flyer-Squeegee-Main-View
    Wagtail High Flyer Squeegee

    Starting at $62.27

  6. Wagtail-Pivot-Control-Squeegee-Main-View
    Wagtail Pivot Control Squeegee

    Starting at $23.18

    Out of stock
  7. Wagtail-Orbital-Squeegee-Full-View
    Wagtail Orbital Squeegee

    Starting at $23.09

    Out of stock
  8. Wagtail-Pivot-Control-Flipper-Full-View
    Wagtail Pivot Control Flipper

    Starting at $33.18

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  9. Wagtail-Slimline-Flipper-Full-View
    Wagtail Slimline Flipper

    Starting at $29.09

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  10. Wagtail-Orbital-Flipper-Main-View
    Wagtail Orbital Flipper

    Starting at $37.15

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  11. Wagtail Pivoting Curved Scrubber
    Wagtail Pivoting Curved Scrubber

    Starting at $25.50

  12. Wagtail Slimline Handle
    Wagtail Slimline Handle
  13. Wagtail-Hip-Dipper-Front-View
    Wagtail Hip Dipper
    Out of stock
  14. Wagtail Squeegee Rubber Black Coiled View
    Wagtail Squeegee Rubber - 3 Meter

    Starting at $27.00

  15. Wagtail Slimline Channel
    Wagtail Slimline Channel

    Starting at $7.59

  16. Wagtail-Clip-for-Combi-Front-View
    Wagtail Clip Set for Combi

    Starting at $8.03

  17. Wagtail-Angle-Arm-Right-Side-View
    Wagtail Angle Arm
  18. Wagtail Slimline and PC Flipper Clips
    Wagtail Slimline and PC Flipper Clips

    Starting at $3.32

  19. Wagtail-Limiter-Pins-Set-of-Four
    Wagtail Limiter Pins
    Out of stock
  20. Wagtail Pole Caps
    Wagtail Pole Caps
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By the time he reached 30, Willie Erken -- who started cleaning windows in Australia while in his twenties -- suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome due to his use of heavy, cumbersome cleaning tools. In fact, his arm and wrist pain almost ended his window-cleaning career and led him to look for a better option.

Additionally, as a window cleaner, Willie was always looking for ways to be more productive and earn more per hour. From the time he first started cleaning, he was obsessed with improving tools and their functions.

In his pursuit, Willie purchased cheap, light-weight squeegees then found ways to make them more durable. While using one of his manipulated squeegees, Willie had an epiphany when the squeegee’s multi-lockable pivot broke, resulting in a constantly loose pivot. He had no choice but to use the broken squeegee to finish the job at hand. To his surprise, however, it actually worked better that way.

This led Willie to recognize the advantage of using a swivel handle. However, he did not like the way it worked as a handheld product – the swivels were either too loose or too tight – so he obsessed over the idea of a controllable pivot. Also, since he was primarily a commercial window cleaner, the use of pivoting while using a pole was essential.

In the meantime, his carpal tunnel became so bad that he sold his window cleaning business and opened a retail store selling Indonesian furniture and artifacts. The store, however, was unsuccessful, so he decided to return to window cleaning. Now at age 40, Willie was injured and broke and needed an advantage to get him back on his feet quickly. A week later, he developed the Wagtail Pivot.

With the help of his brother, Peter, and a team of other professionals, Willie entered his squeegee in a business plan competition at a local university, where he won the five-thousand-dollar first prize. His invention was also selected to be exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Since that time, Erkin’s inventions have won numerous international product and design awards, as well as other government and business awards.

Willie named his product line “Wagtail” after the Wagtail bird, which constantly wags its tail similarly to the way his squeegees move. Also, his nickname is “Willie,” and the bird is called the “Willy Wagtail.”

In 1998, Willie took his newfound product to Interclean in Amsterdam, where all of the big players in the window cleaning industry were interested in buying the product rights. Willie, however, felt he and his brother could handle production themselves, only to find that they needed more capital than they had on hand to launch in Europe and the U.S. And so it took awhile to regain their momentum.

Since then, however, Wagtail has taken the world by storm, and won a ton of awards due to its patented “wag” motion and use of lighter materials. The unique action of the Wagtail Squeegee is quite different from the use of traditional squeegees, and may take the user a little while to get used to the faster motion and free-moving pivot. That being said, because Wagtails are so fast, they have been banned from use in window cleaning speed competitions as they give the user a definite advantage.

In addition to being faster, Wagtails offer several additional benefits. For one, they make the “S” stroke easier by assisting the turn with a well-positioned pivot. The lighter weight of the squeegee is significant. Pole work also is much easier and more precise.

Wagtail product designs have changed over the years to incorporate lighter-weight materials. Erkin changed the original bolts from brass to steel because the first design was too difficult to assemble. Wagtail has also introduced a variety of additional products since the product’s first release in 1998.

New products are comprehensively tested by professional window cleaners, including Peter.

Most high-rise companies in Australia use Wagtails – including Willie’s brother Peter – partly because they are produced locally, but also because of the amount of reach the product provides. A few years ago, an Australian company was hired to clean the world’s tallest building – Burg Khalifa in Dubai – and was filmed, Wagtails in hand.

Today, Wagtail offers an extensive variety of window tools – bucket clips, pole tips, hip dippers, etc. – all of which assist in ergonomic advantages and pivot action. They also come in a range of products for floors and walls as well as windows. Squeegees are either slimline for lighter weight, or Orbital for floor work. Squeegees feature a secret formula long-lasting, gliding rubber.

Every Wagtail product came about due to real needs, and was designed with the goal of delivering glide and ease.  WCR carries a variety of Wagtail products – including traditional window cleaning products (rubber, t-bars, sleeves, and scrapers) as well a specialty squeegees and other items – that are in stock and ready to ship. The Wagtail Slimline Flipper, Wagtail Combi, and Precision Guide are popular choices among professionals.

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