Scrubber Sleeves

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  1. Ettore-Dura-Sleeve-Full-View
    Ettore Dura Sleeve

    Starting at $12.05

  2. Ettore-Gloden-Glove-Sleeve-Full-View
    Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve

    Starting at $9.47

  3. Ettore-Porcupine-Washer-Sleeve-Full-View
    Ettore Porcupine Washer Sleeve

    Starting at $12.40

  4. Ettore-Pro+-Microfiber-Sleeve-Full-View
    Ettore Pro+ Microfiber Sleeve

    Starting at $13.84

  5. Ettore Mighty Sleeve
    Ettore Mighty Sleeve

    Starting at $8.25

  6. Moerman Microfiber Sleeve
    Moerman Microfiber Sleeve

    Starting at $15.25

  7. Moerman-Combinator-Microfiber-Sleeve-Full-View
    Moerman Combinator Microfiber Sleeve

    Starting at $16.67

  8. Moerman Woven Plush White Sleeve
    Moerman Woven Plush White Sleeve

    Starting at $7.95

  9. Moerman-F*LIQ-Clip-On-Washer-Strip-Full-View
    Moerman F*LIQ Clip On Washer Strip

    Starting at $19.35

  10. Moerman Silver Microfiber Sleeve
    Moerman Silver Microfiber Sleeve

    Starting at $10.86

  11. Moerman Scrubbing Sleeve
    Moerman Scrubbing Sleeve

    Starting at $12.32

  12. Pulex-MicroTiger-Sleeve-Full-View
    Pulex MicroTiger Sleeve

    Starting at $8.92

  13. Pulex-Microfiber-Sleeve-Full-View
    Pulex Microfiber Sleeve

    Starting at $8.65

  14. Pulex-Abrasive-Sleeve-Full-View
    Pulex Abrasive Sleeve

    Starting at $7.95

  15. Pulex-FT-12-Sleeve-Full-View
    Pulex FT 12 Sleeve

    Starting at $7.85

  16. Sorbo-Yellow-Jacket-Sleeve-Full-View
    Sorbo Yellow Jacket Sleeve

    Starting at $9.95

  17. Sorbo Yellow Jacket Scrubber Sleeve
    Sorbo Yellow Jacket Scrubber Sleeve

    Starting at $14.04

  18. Sorbo White Sleeve
    Sorbo White Sleeve

    Starting at $6.93

  19. Unger-ErgoTec-Ninja--Strip-Washer-Sleeve-Full-View
    Unger ErgoTec Ninja StripWasher Sleeve

    Starting at $19.40

  20. Unger-Original-Strip-Washer-Sleeve-Full-View
    Unger Original StripWasher Sleeve

    Starting at $11.25

  21. Unger-Pad-Strip-Washer-Sleeve-Full-View
    Unger Pad StripWasher Sleeve

    Starting at $17.75

  22. Unger-Monsoon-Strip-Washer-Sleeve-Full-View
    Unger MonsoonPlus StripWasher Sleeve

    Starting at $16.34

  23. Unger-MicroStrip-Strip-Washer-Sleeve-Full-View
    Unger MicroStrip Washer Sleeve

    Starting at $17.40

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Sleeves or covers refer to the scrubbing agents attached to a T-Bar. The sleeve is essential for removing stubborn dirt or stains. Sleeves are made of synthetic materials or durable microfibers that can lift off dirt. Scrubbing power depends on the sleeve but can mild, hybrid or aggressive. WCR carries a wide selection of sleeves including Ettore, Moerman, Pulex, Sorbo and Unger. Most sleeves can withstand many washings due to the durable material. The hooks or loops used to wrap around the edges of the T-Bar hold it in place. Sizes for sleeves depend on brand but range from 6 inch to 22 inch in single or two-tone colors. You can also browse a full line of replacement T-bars.

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