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About the XERO Steel Wool Pads

This Steel Wool is super fine grade. Grade 0000. It is ideal for glass, marble, metal, and ceramic. This pad comes in a 6 x 9 inch size.

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  • Will these be back in stock soon? I’d really like to try them out

    Hi Nolan, at this time the XERO Steel Wool Pads are currently not being produced by the manufacturer and we currently don't have an ETA for their restock date. It may be overkill for what you need, but we do have the XERO Steel Wool Roll: Or, we have an alternative, the XERO Walnut Pad: We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope this helped.

  • Are there multiple if you buy one like is it a pack

    This is ordered per 1 pad.

  • Can i clean stainlesssteel pan? How about enamel cast iron pan? Do you have coarse as well? Because i want little bit tougher than super fine

    Steel wool is NOT recommended for stainless steel or enamel. We only offer 0000 steel wool as our sole purpose of the product is for window cleaning.

  • What is the name of the tool where this pad goes to?? You guys have the tool to connect to the pole??

    For acme thread, search 'tucker pad holder" For euro thread, search "unger pad holder"

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