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About the XERO Pole Trad Adapter

These pole tips fit right into the top section of your XERO Waterfed or Trad Pole so you can use your traditional tools by Wagtail. These specialty items combine your favorite pole tip from Wagtail with a unique carbon fiber adapter.

Get the secure hold you need like when you use a regular extension pole.

DOES NOT FIT ON RETIRED XERO POLES WITH GLUE ON CLAMPS. Including the XERO Fiberglass (Basic), Hybrid (Standard), Carbon Fiber (Pro), Pro Plus, or High Mod (Ultimate).

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Product Name Pole Tip Compatible With
XERO Pole Trad Adapter - Wagtail Wagtail Angle Arm Wagtail Tools

Questions & Answers

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  • Can this adapter be used with Mr. LongArm products? I frequently change marquee signs for my fast food customers as an add-on service. I would like to be able to use my own pole instead of the store's bulky, heavy pole. I need to purchase the suction cup from National Readerboard Supply ( They advertise a suction cup that is compatible with Mr. Long Arm poles, but I use a Maykker with the Moerman adapter. Thanks!

    The XERO Pole Trad Adapter is designed for the XERO poles and is only available with Moerman, Unger, and Wagtail pole tips. According to the Mr. LongArm website, the single-cup letter changer says it has a universal threaded end and fits any standard extension pole.

  • Excuse me for the question Can this adapter be attached to The J2 Extension Pole?


  • Will this work with the older Xero poles? The ones with the vertical clamps. Thanks

    No it will not.

  • Which adapter should I go with? I use a combination of Ettore and Moerman. Thanks

    You should get both if you use a combination of tools.

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