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About the XERO Jolt Microfiber Towel

The XERO Jolt Microfiber Towel towel is a unique featherweight towel ideal for collecting interior dust and light exterior dirt. It is 100% lint free, and won't leave behind any particles. As well, the XERO Jolt is delicate yet durable, woven with finely spun polyester and polymer.

Being double-sided with one side featuring a smooth finish and the other side featuring a rough texture means this towel is extremely versatile. You can utilize the smooth side to polish or buff plastics, acrylics, and glass, and the rough side as an abrasive to rub away small deposits of caked-on grime. If windows are extra filthy with cobwebs and loose soil, wipe this towel along the customer's windows before applying your scrubber so it doesn't drag along the glass in messy strips.

This multi-use, moisture-wicking towel is great for detailing both interiors and exteriors on lighter messes. It also dries quickly to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. Furthermore, the elasticity of this towel provides resistance to wear and tear, making it long-lasting.

Tackle filth with confidence with the XERO Jolt Microfiber Towel!


  • Dual-textured for multiple uses
  • Finely-spun fabric is virtually weightless yet sturdy
  • Adaptable to any situation on the window cleaning job


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