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Regular price $18.99 USD
Regular price $18.99 USD Sale price $18.99 USD
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About the XERO Fast Lock

The days of screwing your brushes to your angle adapter are at an end. Work without the fear of brushes coming loose with the convenient and easy-to-use XERO Fast Lock. The concept is super simple, as the square brush attachment locks into the socket, and a spring-loaded button keeps everything secure. The XERO Fast Lock makes swapping brushes a lot faster. Now, you just need to push the button, remove the current brush, and swap with a new one by clicking it into place. You can switch all your brushes over to the Fast Lock system by affixing the Brush Attachment to their tops.

Two brush attachments are available depending on your needs. If you prefer a rigid brush and rely more on your arms for manipulating movement, the Fixed version would be best for you. If allowing the brush to move to and fro is more your game, the Swivel option will suit you best. You are also able to select from two sizes: the 5-inch short version or the 9-inch long version.

The brush attachment is included in the Complete Short and Complete Long, or can be bought separately. The brush attachments also features a hole on two sides so you can lock your brush into place at the standard angle or set it up vertically.

If you only need the pole adapter without the brush attachment, that is available for purchase as the Adapter Short or Adapter Long.

The XERO Fast Lock frees you from dealing with separate pole tips and angle adapters. Combined into one useful tool, you can easily adjust the angle by lifting up the lever on the adapter, adjusting the angle, and closing it back up. There is a hole and hollow end for feeding through the hose from the interior of your water fed pole and out to the brush. Add this to any of your favorite XERO Water Fed Poles, and you'll never want to go back!

*Brush not included


  • Top-quality materials
  • Customizable to any angle
  • Compatible with Tucker Brushes
  • Fits XERO Poles
  • 3 Year Warranty

Questions & Answers

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  • will this fit the Xero Ova

    The Fast Lock is not compatible with OVA8 poles.

  • What are the dimensions on the long gooseneck?

    From the bend in the adapter, the longer option measures slightly over 9", where the standard option is 5"

  • Trying to figure out if you could use this with a univalve. Thanks!

    These tools can be utilized on the same pole, however please note a Uni-Valve is spliced into your hose line. You can see how the Uni-Valve functions HERE. In turn, you can see how the Fast Lock is assembled HERE.

  • If I want to use different tips can it be un-threaded? I have a zero pole but other brands as well.

    This tool is a "fast-lock" option. Please give us a call at 862-266-0677 to discuss with a Product Specialist to determine which tool will work best for you.

  • Is this compatible with the Tucker over-the-top rise bar and the Xero Contact Scrubber attachment?

    Hi Ben, yes it is!

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