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About the Pulex Melamine Pad - 4 Inch x 10 Inch

Use these Pulex Melamine Pads with or without chemicals. They are safe and environmentally friendly. Use again and again; over time, the melamine foam slowly wears away like an eraser. These pads are fantastic for removing stains and messes like markers, shoe scuffs, grease, crayons, and more. The Melamine Foam is a micro-porous substance with a fine, hard inner structure that works as a micro-abrasive. That allows it to clean surfaces without the damage of typical abrasives. Each pad is 4 inches x 10 inches for plenty of surface area while cleaning.


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  • Would you suggest using this by hand or is there a holder or some other method?

    You'd use it on a pole or in hand. Search "tucker pad holder" for pole work. Search 'unger trowel" for the hand-held holder.

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