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Regular price $150.41 USD
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About the Ninja Bucket On A Belt Kit

The Ninja Bucket On A Belt Kit is a must-have to add to your stash of window cleaning equipment and is the perfect setup to have at your side. This kit comes complete with your size choice of 14-inch or 18-inch Complete Ninja Squeegee and Complete Ninja Stripwasher, your choice of Ninja 30° or 40° Handle, and the popular Ninja Bucket on a Belt. Use the Complete Sets by hand or reach higher windows, attaching them to the end of a pole.

Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt

Avoid the nuisance when climbing up and down a ladder with this awesome, improved BOAB. Made to fit the Ninja Ergotec Squeegee, this bucket will not hang too low and inconvenience you while on the job and can be used to keep all your tools handy. Hold 1/2 quart of cleaning solution or two squeegees, a Strip Washer, and a Scraper. Some cool features include a quick-release strap for easy removal from your belt and the included rubber protector to keep your rubber blades from scuffing, hitting the plastic divider, and creating a more secure fit for channels other than the Unger Ninja Channels.

Unger Complete ErgoTec 30° & 40° Ninja Squeegee

These complete squeegees feature a comfortable 30° or 40° handle that helps reduce hand fatigue during long days. The swivel 30° head allows you to reach awkward corners and angles and locks into the center position with the press of a button. Featuring great in-hand balance and outstanding versatility, the 40° complete Ninja squeegee is the workhorse you've always wanted! Like the 30° Ninja Squeegee Handle, it has an anti-slip, ergonomic grip making it extremely easy to work with. The 180° swivel head and the TriLoc Channel locking mechanism make maneuvering around the glass and channel swapping a breeze. Attached to each handle is the durable, lightweight, Unger Ninja Aluminum Squeegee Channel with a piece of Unger Ergotec soft rubber to fit the channel size. These channels are made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and offer perfect pressure distribution on the glass.

Unger Complete Ninja Stripwasher

With a superior level of comfort, the Unger Complete Ninja Stripwasher has an ergonomic handle and is made with a lightweight, aluminum, T-Bar. It features a swivel head to get into those difficult corners and is paired with the Ninja Washer Sleeve. The sleeve has fantastic water retention and scrubbing power and will sit securely on the T-Bar using the elastic loops and velcro strap. A coarse pad sits on either end to help scrub away tough spots.


  • Unger Complete Ninja Stripwasher - 14" or 18"
  • Unger Complete ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee - 30° or 40°
  • Unger Ninja Bucket on a Belt

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