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About the Nanovations Shower Protect Plus Kit

Get the Shower Protect Plus from Nanovations to clean, protect, and maintain all glass surfaces. This advanced ultra-thin coating repels water, limescale, soap scum, and more to keep glass looking crystal clear for up to 5 years. Forget having to use harsh chemicals to preserve that beautifully clear glass, just wipe it with a towel or squeegee. Shower Protect Plus offers long term performance to reduce cleaning time by 95% thanks to the scratch-resistant hard coating that repels contaminants. Use this highly effective system on all kinds of new or old glass. This Nano Technology glass care and protective coating is easy and quick to apply. Use the deep cleaner to remove soap scum and prepare the surface. Then apply the glass coating. Each kit includes cleaning materials, gloves, and enough chemicals for two shower enclosures; approximately 172 square feet of glass. There is a limited 5-year warranty for professionally installed service. Nanovations Shower Protect Plus is an excellent add-on for interior glass cleaning work.

Here are the contents of each kit:

  • Lint Free Cloths - 4 Pieces
  • Microfiber Wipe - 1 Piece
  • Gloves - 1 Pair
  • Non-Abrasive Cleaning Pads - 2 Pads
  • Foam Cleaning Holder with Velcro Attachment
  • Deep Cleaner for old glass or glass with contaminates
  • CL-50 Glass Surface Preparation - 4 Packets
  • NG 1010 Glass Coating - 8 Packets


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  • Does this product work on any other surfaces?

    This can be used on ALL glass surfaces.

  • repels contaminants. for how long?

    Depends on a number of circumstances, hardness of water along with how well you maintain the glass after it gets wet.

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