The Xero Pure is a simple system that comes with 3 Filters. With such a simple system design, there’s not a lot that can go wrong in terms of troubleshooting. Some contributing factors we see are maintenance, RO and system age, the last time it has been used and temperature.

One of the most common things that can happen is a change or decrease in water pressure. The first thing to check is the Sediment Carbon Filter. Use the wrench to open it up. That’s the most common place for an issue to occur. It is designed to catch particulates that makes it way through the hose from the water supply, preventing it from entering the RO membrane. This is a common problem especially when you use a customer’s hose or water supply. Remedy the situation by cleaning out the sediment carbon filter. Once the sediments are eliminated, functionality should return. It is recommended that you have a secondary filter on hand for back-up.

Another factor is the temperature. RO Membranes produce less pure water in colder/lower temperatures due to constriction. You will notice a difference in pure water output as the seasons change, say from dead of summer to Fall.

Another problem is the decrease in water quality. Check your TDS, it is most likely that your DI has gone bad. The TDS Meter comes in handy in this situation. 99% of the time, the DI Cartridge has gone bad. That is why it is recommended that your pure water output should be frequently checked and to always have extra DI Resin on hand for when the TDS reading goes above 0.