The Xero Pure Pure Water System requires regular maintenance for optimal performance. You will want to make sure that the system is well maintained and that you get the best lifespan out of the filters and the unit itself. Keeping it in A+ performance is easy! Take note of these basic things:

  • Make sure that the filters are up to date
  • Make sure that you are producing pure water

There is nothing worse than running your system with poor quality water coming out of it while on the job and having to go back to a job site for a touch-up. How do you check that you are producing pure water? Use the TDS meter that comes with the unit. It is an extremely easy to use device – catch water in the cup, turn the unit on and check the reading. You want to see 000 which means the water is pure. With continuous use, figures will start to increase. Take note that a reading of 10 requires a filter change.

Xero Pure is made with high-quality brass fittings. As far as maintenance goes, make sure that everything is tight and that there are no leaks. Change the sediment carbon filters regularly, at the very least around every 2 months for good measure. These are inexpensive filters that protect the RO membrane. If you do need additional parts, take a look inside the manual. Every single item is detailed with a part number for easy replacement. It is also a good idea to keep track of all system maintenance in a log to use as a future reference or guide.