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John Lee is one of our valued product specialists here at WCR!

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    Follow John Lee and his window-cleaning adventures in his Westy Window Wagon!

Water Fed Window
Cleaning Product Expert

With over 37 years of window cleaning industry experience at your fingertips, John can answer your questions!

  • Water Fed Systems

    John has been selling purification systems for a long time. He can help you select the perfect system for you!

  • Water Fed Poles

    John will help you decide which water fed pole is best for you and your company! Ask him questions and buy with confidence!

  • Traditional Window Cleaning

    John can help with any questions regarding traditional window cleaning products. He knows his stuff!

  • Finance or Lease

    Considering financing or leasing your next big equipment purchase? John Lee is the finance KING!

  • RECENT Reviews

    "I cannot express the level of professionalism and customer service I received from John Lee with WCR. I had an order that I needed YESTERDAY and not only did John walk me through and educate me on all of the equipment that I needed he and his team insured that my products shipped right away insuring that my customer stayed happy. I cannot recommend these guys enough." - Bob Walker

  • RECENT Reviews

    "I’ve bought my supplies through John Lee at WCR for many years now! Personally I’ve washed windows for 30 years now, 8 in Sweden and 22 in Southwest Michigan. John Lee ALWAYS takes the time to help me, as I’m always on the go! He’s not just another salesman, but knows his products very very well as he has a window washing company of his own. His advice to help me troubleshoot Waterfed problems, is invaluable! For me I will always buy WCR because John’s southern hospitality way of providing amazing customer service!!!" - Ben Tressmer

  • RECENT Reviews

    "John Lee is THE BEST. No one else comes close. Helpful beyond measure. I was up a creek without help, in 2015. John Lee assisted me, corrected mistakes made by another window cleaning supply when I had not made a purchase with he or WCR and sent me on my way. Who does that anymore ? John Lee, that’s who." - David Russell

  • RECENT Reviews

    "John Lee is a leader in wfp and equipment sequencing setup. He not only sells the equipment but uses it and knows what’s best for the client. His availability, expertise are knowledge are unsurpassed. Give him a call and he’ll give you the hookup." - Burke Allen

  • RECENT Reviews

    "John Lee was super helpful in getting me going with waterfed pole system. Really appreciate the great customer service. I'll definitely be a return customer. Thanks!" - Logan Westall

  • RECENT Reviews

    "Leaving this review for one reason and one reason only...... Mr. John Lee the man who has never failed me whenever I needed something sent ASAP. John has continuously helped me out with anything pertaining to tools or water fed pole systems. I can't thank him enough and I just wanted to show some gratitude for his exceptional customer service skills which in my opinion are as good as they get. Thank you John we all appreciate you." - Clear LLC