We now ship internationally!

Window cleaners from around the world can now enjoy products shipped straight from WCR!

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

  • Australia

  • Holland

  • Germany

  • Japan

And many more countries!

To see if we ship to your country, please select your country from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Shop at www.windowcleaner.com. To ship items internationally to your country, simply look for the flag at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The system should automatically detect your country but if not, you can always click "Change" to switch countries.

Are there hidden costs or risks?

No. There are no hidden costs or risk. The total cost of your order is made up of the products in your cart, shipping costs as well as all duties and taxes. All duties/taxes are included so there is no delay in international deliveries.

What are my payment options?

We currently accept all major credit cards for all international orders. Available options will be presented at checkout for you. Specialized payments forms such as Paypal or Sezzle are not available on international orders.

How are you providing international shipping?

Our e-commerce store is integrated with a software called Zonos. International customers will be given live duty and tax estimates while they shop. Information will be in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This software allows you to shop in your language and pay in your local currency.

What will the duties and taxes on my order be?

All duties and taxes will be calculated at checkout and will be clearly presented to you before you place your order. Duty (or customs tariffs) is set by the destination country customs authorities and is determined based on the country you live in. Value Added Tax (VAT) rates are also set by the destination country.

When am I billed?

Your credit card will be billed as soon as you check out. Items will ship out from our warehouse in Florida, New York.

What if I need help?

We are always here to help! Please get in touch with us using the options below!

  • CALL 862-266-0677

    We take calls 24/7. That means you can call us on the weekend or holidays and someone can assist.

  • TEXT 862-312-2026

    Maybe you prefer to text us? No problem, we make it simple! Let's chat! Use this number to text us.


    We are always available by email too! Use the contact form above or send us an email to hello@windowcleaner.com!


    See the "Chat" bottom in the lower right hand corner of the screen? Use this option to chat with someone at WCR who can assist you.


    We can be social too! We are highly responsive to all messages that come into our Facebook page (or Instagram) so please feel free to hit us up any time!


    We would be happy to help you select the best products for your business and budget. Schedule a day and time with one of our product experts to talk about your needs!