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About the Round Top Sampler Pack

Individual preferences vary when it comes to determining the perfect squeegee rubber for your window cleaning business. With the Round Top Sampler Pack, you can test a few out and decide which ones suit your needs best. Featuring five distinct rubber varieties, you can cut and fit them to your diverse channel sizes. Experiment with each rubber to discover the individual benefits of each. This diverse pack includes options ranging from hard to medium to soft hardness levels to accommodate different areas and climates.

What's Included?

BlackDiamond Round Top Squeegee Rubber

The BlackDiamond Round Top Rubber sets a new standard for professional-grade replacement rubber. It is crafted from premium-quality raw materials using natural molds and has razor-sharp edges to ensure a smooth and consistent motion, resulting in flawlessly clean and streak-free windows.

Breaking conventional boundaries, this rubber has a medium hardness with a Shore Factor of 52. Positioned between the Soft Rubber's 48 Shore and the Hard Rubber's 60 Shore, this medium rubber offers versatility for various applications. Combining the advantages of soft rubber with an extended lifespan, it minimizes glass chatter while maintaining durability. In this sampler pack, you will receive 40.5 inches of BlackDiamond Round Top Squeegee Rubber.

Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Rubber

For years, the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Rubber has been loved by window cleaners for its exceptional performance. Mostly known for its smooth glide and streak-free results, this dependable rubber can effortlessly conform to uneven surfaces.

In this sampler pack, we've included 36 inches of this hard squeegee rubber to excel in warm to hot and humid climates. Compatible with Unger channels or most standard squeegee channels, these replacement blades ensure a great fit and ease of use. 

Moerman NXT-R Silver Edition Squeegee Rubber

Uncover the seamless glide of the Moerman NXT-R Silver Edition Squeegee Rubber, tailored for window cleaners prioritizing reliability. Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, this medium gray rubber ensures consistent performance from scorching heat to freezing cold.

Crafted from a natural vulcanized compound, the NXT-R Silver boasts enhanced longevity, significantly prolonging its durability and lifespan. In this sampler pack, you'll receive two 18 Inch strips of rubber.

Ettore Master Squeegee Rubber

The Ettore Master Squeegee Rubber is compatible with most standard channels, providing versatility beyond just the Ettore Brand. Each rubber blade undergoes meticulous inspection by Ettore's experienced team before shipment, instilling confidence in window cleaners since their establishment in 1936.

Renowned in the industry for delivering flawless, streak-free results, this soft rubber is great in colder climates. In this sampler pack, you'll receive a 36-inch strip.

Maykker Round Soft Squeegee Rubber

Maykker Round Soft Squeegee Rubber is an excellent option for individuals operating in standard to cold climates. This resilient replacement rubber seamlessly fits into most standard squeegee channels, ensuring streak-free strokes and smooth window closeouts.

In this sampler pack, you'll receive two 22-inch strips of this quality replacement rubber.


  • Sampler pack for standard squeegee channels
  • Includes five different varieties of rubber
  • Round top rubber

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Rubber Name Size Hardness Qty
BlackDiamond Round Top Squeegee Rubber 40.5 Inch Medium 1
Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Rubber 36 Inch Hard 1
Moerman NXT-R Silver Edition Squeegee Rubber 18 Inch Medium 2
Ettore Master Squeegee Rubber 36 Inch Soft 1
Maykker Round Soft Squeegee Rubber 22 Inch Soft 2