Chandelier Swan

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Chandelier Swan

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Regular price $44.99 USD
Regular price $44.99 USD Sale price $44.99 USD
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About the Chandelier Swan

Are you fed up with the hassle of getting out the ladder every time a bulb in your chandelier needs replacing? If so, the Chandelier Swan is the solution you've been waiting for! This innovative tool easily connects to the end of your extension pole, simplifying the process of changing high upward-facing chandelier light bulbs. With two user-friendly styles to choose from, opt for the candelabra option for candelabra-shaped light bulbs (see compatible sizes below) or the round option for A19-sized round bulbs. 


  • C11
  • CA10
  • CA11
  • B10
  • B11


  • A19

The candelabra version comes equipped with two sets of tabs designed to securely grip the bulb in question. The compact black set is tailored for standard non-LED bulbs, while the longer white tabs are specifically designed for larger LED candelabra bulbs.

Additionally, the Chandelier Swan comes with a stabilizing hook that attaches to almost any extension pole so that you can hold the light fixture still while you change out the bulb. Say goodbye to ladder climbing and hello to hassle-free bulb replacement! 

How to use

To begin, identify a spot on the landing or stairwell that is in close proximity to the bulb(s) that require replacement. Then, choose the appropriate tabs for either removing or installing the bulb. It's crucial to ensure that the tabs face outward when inserting them into the gripper end.

Next, attach the Chandelier Swan onto a 3/4’ threaded extension pole and securely fasten it using the provided thumb screw. Adjust the pole to your preferred length for removal, and if there are extensions, make sure they are securely locked in position. Prior to commencing the removal process, ensure that you have switched off the power.

Lastly, grip the extension pole with one hand towards the front, keeping a loose hold, and use your other hand at the base of the pole. Gradually lower the Chandelier Swan over the burnt-out bulb and let the tabs cover the entire bulb. Swiftly turn the pole counterclockwise to remove the bulb. When inserting a new bulb, rotate the extension pole clockwise. This efficient process eliminates the need for ladders and makes bulb replacement a breeze!

*Extension pole not included


  • Easy to use
  • High chandelier bulb changer
  • Two styles to choose from
  • Fits inside small shades
  • Gentle grips for clean removal
  • Can remove upward-facing lights

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this tool work on a C7 bulb?

    The smallest bulb we would recommend for this tool is a C11, as a C7 might be too small and not gripped tightly enough for bulb changing.

  • Does this work for round bulbs?

    This tool will work for small round bulbs, but it works best and is sturdier with candelabra style bulbs.

  • Hi. Is there a way to make this work for standard A19 bulbs?

    The Chandelier Swan does not work for standard A19 Bulbs, we would recommend the Unger Sticky Fingers attachment instead.

  • I have a chandelier approximately 14’ high. The bulbs are of standard size. I want to replace them (9 bulbs) with led bulbs. Will your product work for my needs? If not can you help provide me an avenue to purchase one that will work. I have photos if needed. Thanks

    The Chandelier Swan comes with two different sets of grip tongs to accomodate bulbs that are Candelabra style in sizes C11, CA10, CA11, B10, and B11. If you are working with standard candelabra style bulbs (the pointy, candle-type bulbs), this should work well for your needs. As long as your LED lights also match the shape and sizes, this will work for replacement as well. You can also consider the Unger Sticky Finger Bulb changer which fits a large variety of light sizes, but might not offer the right angle to change the lights on a chandelier, in which case we would still suggest the Swan.

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