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About the Chemitek Solar Wash Protect

The Chemitek Solar Wash Protect is a certified, concentrated, pH-neutral, and environmentally friendly solution designed to transform your solar panel cleaning routine. With a two-in-one formula, Solar Wash Protect effectively cleans organic soiling while also providing a protective coating. 


Developed for solar cleaning professionals working on all scales and locations, SWP is compatible with manual and robotic cleaning methods, ensuring versatility and adaptability for various applications. Its unique formula can easily tackle dust, bird droppings, pollen, and carbon deposits while also providing a protective coating - minimizing soiling buildup between cleanings for easier and more efficient future cleaning sessions.

Its advanced liquid technology effectively breaks down and dissolves organic dirt from the surface of solar panels, including dust, bird droppings, pollen, tree sap, grease, and carbon deposits.


Chemitek Solar Wash Protect is safe to use. Its non-toxic formula protects panels while reducing soiling buildup, ensuring durability and efficiency. Additionally, it improves panel performance by keeping them cleaner between cleanings, providing economic benefits for solar plant owners.

By reducing brushing needs and water consumption by up to 50%, SWP offers significant economic benefits, making cleanings faster and more efficient while ensuring client satisfaction.

Product Directions

Dilution Ratio for 300: 1 kg of SWP 300 to 300 liters of water.

Dilution Ratio for 50: 1 kg of SWP 50 to 50 liters of water.

  1. Dilute the SWP with water to create a ready-to-use SWP washing solution.
  2. Use the SWP washing solution directly on the dirty solar panels.
  3. Brush or mop the entire surface of the modules to remove or loosen the dirt present in the solar modules.
  4. Rinse the panels with water to remove any dispersed dirt or excess product left on the panels.
  5. Let it dry or remove the water with a squeegee. 


  • A two-in-one solution that cleans and protects solar panels from organic soiling
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and pH-neutral
  • 50% less time and water
  • Antistatic and anti-adherent protection
  • Certified by TÜV Sud and by PV manufacturers
  • Easily removes bird droppings, dust, pollen, and carbon deposits
  • Available in a 5kg drum

Questions & Answers

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  • Do you have anything for solar panels for just a spray on solutions for 2 story house. Like to be able to just rise and then spray a solution to make them look new again and be clean?

    This is a great choice for solar panel cleaning, and so is Titan Glass Gleam Solar, and can be applied with a pressure washer on the apropriate setting. Depending on how dirty the solar panels are, they may require just a rinse, or a scrubbing. Fro more information, please call us at 862-266-0677

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