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Regular price $635.00 USD
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About the Chemitek D-Solar Defendor

The Chemitek D-Solar Defendor is a cutting-edge solution engineered specifically to enhance the performance and longevity of solar panels. Crafted with a unique blend of hydrophobic and antistatic properties, DSD offers unparalleled protection against dust adhesion, ensuring your solar panels remain cleaner for longer periods between washes. This innovative coating not only boosts the efficiency of subsequent cleaning operations but also enhances energy production by up to 5%.


Designed to thrive in varied climates, from regions prone to heavy rainfall to areas experiencing prolonged droughts, D-Solar Defendor is tailored for application with a robot or brush tractor onto clean solar panels. Ideal for solar panel owners seeking to maximize energy output and safeguard their investment, DSD is particularly beneficial for those residing in environments rife with dust, dirt, or high humidity levels.

One of the standout features of D-Solar Defendor is its anti-reflective properties, which minimize glare and reflection on solar panels, thereby augmenting energy output and overall efficiency. Moreover, this hydrophobic coating offers long-lasting protection, preserving the cleanliness and durability of solar panels and extending their lifespan while curbing maintenance costs. With a lifespan of up to one year per application, DSD is recommended for biannual use in areas with heavier soiling.

D-Solar Defendor is not only highly effective but also environmentally friendly, making it suitable for use on all types of solar panels. From photovoltaic and thermal solar panels to solar roofs and installations, DSD caters to a diverse array of industries and applications.


Application of D-Solar Defendor is hassle-free, with its water-repellent nature facilitating quick and easy removal of water, promoting self-cleaning, and reducing light diffraction. With no need for rinsing or additional steps, DSD can be seamlessly integrated into routine cleaning operations, further streamlining maintenance efforts. Additionally, its pH-neutral and solvent-free composition underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Incorporating D-Solar Defendor into your solar panel maintenance regimen not only enhances energy production but also minimizes the adhesion of contaminants such as lichens when used preventively, especially after employing the Lichen Removal Agent. 

Product Directions

Dilution ratio: 1kg of D-Solar Defendor for 1000 liters of soft water

  1. Dilute the D-Solar Defendor concentrate with soft water
  2. Begin cleaning panels as normal with just water


  • Hydrophobic coating for solar panels
  • Makes panels easier to clean
  • Helps panels to produce up to 5% more energy
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-reflective properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long lasting protection
  • 5kg drum

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  • How is this applied?

    This is designed to be applied with a robot or brush tractor. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for more information.

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