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Where Should a Window Washing Business Find Employees?

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Where Should a Window Washing Business Find Employees?

Window cleaning business owners know the pickle of having too much work, but wanting more of it. We’ve seen this scenario before: you’re working in the field, day in and day out, yearning for an extra hand or two to help the work go by faster to give you a little rest. You want to generate more business, but your shoulders and back are yelling at you. You want to accumulate more customers, but you’re just plain tired. But, more work means more money! This is when you know you need a helping hand.

So, where do you find these magical window cleaning elves who can help you get your business working into a well-oiled, money-making machine?

In this week’s Window Cleaner University article, we’re going to talk all about where a window washing business should find employees, and how to attract the best candidates.

Let’s Get Physical: Fliers, Business Cards, & Signage

Finding physical locations to post your want-ad can be easier than you may think. Going around your own town and to surrounding towns within 10 or so miles to find supermarkets, cafes, storefronts, and shops that allow a simple flier in the window. The types of people you can target, too, are college students who are looking for part time or full time work during their breaks, teachers who may want summer work, restaurant servers who have a great deal of customer service experience, and firefighters who are safety trained and ladder ready.

Another in-person way of finding a prospective employee is by casually headhunting. If you find someone with superb customer service out anywhere in the world and get a good feeling about them, whip out a business card and let them know. Not only will it be flattering, but you will have made a connection with someone that could spark a healthy business relationship. Most often, you’ll hire an employee for who they are as a person. People in hospitality are great bets, as they know what it’s like to be gracious with all kinds of customers. Hospitality workers also know what it is like to work for tips, so working for commission may seem that much more valuable, and make them feel as if they’re responsible for the company’s growth, creating more motivation to work at their best. This can also make them feel like they are building upon something rather than simply working for something.

When you begin to get calls coming in from prospective employees, make sure to be friendly on the phone and to have a notebook and pen handy to jot down any and all details. Also, make sure your voicemail box is set up so it states your name and business as well as is emptied. Many folks don’t realize how many voicemails have piled up and are unaware that they can’t receive any new ones, so delete the ones you don’t need. Furthermore, if you can swing it, try to meet up with the person on the same day or a day or two after they call. If you give them a chance to waver, they may not take you seriously and could move onto other job opportunities.

Let’s Get Digital: Posting Ads on Social Media & Job Sites

Now, since we live in such a digitally-driven age, posting your want-ad on social media or a job website like Indeed is crucial and can bring great results. Facebook is popular for local groups where folks can discuss all things community and even advertise their small business or services. Take advantage of this option, as it is free and you’ll be able to do it frequently. Some Facebook groups have rules you’ll need to follow, but once you’re aware of what those are, they can become your oyster.

Another great option is posting on your Instagram page. Not only can you use Instagram to gain new customers by producing high-quality, consistent content, but use it to find people and get them excited to join your team. Beautiful images and videos of your work can show people how skilled they can become and how fun it can be to be a window cleaner. Utilize proper hashtags to drive people to your posts. This can include the city where your business is located, popular window cleaning jargon, or even just “now hiring” with your town name or city initials!

Other online platforms to use such as Craigslist, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Monster can make you look even more professional and attract people to your business. This also helps because when people need to submit formal applications, it can help you filter out those who don’t make the cut before even contacting them.

Plus, when all else is lost? Ask your friends or send an email blast to your customers! They may know someone or someone’s kid who’s looking for work, and who knows? They could be perfect for the job.

Creating an Incentive in Your Ad: What’s Great About Your Business?

Highlighting your best attributes as a business owner is something you’d want to consider putting in your want ad, but also, establishing firm boundaries about how you want your employee to be is just as important. We’ve all read the want-ads that over-promise their company’s features, and expect perfection from employees that end with, “Does this sound like you?” At times, they can seem over the top and unrealistic. You don’t need to write your ad pretending to be someone you’re not, and in fact, you’ll attract the right kind of people if you stay down to earth and true to yourself and what your business truly values.

Refining the criteria in your ad is a streamlined way to meet the people you desire. Other than a good attitude, driving record, and reliable transportation, there’s work ethic, responsibility, and attention to detail you’ll want. These personality traits aren’t always easy to find. If any red flags jump out at you, such as a shoddy resume, unkempt appearance, or even a rude tone of voice, trust your gut to tell you whether or not you’d trust this person to represent you and your company. A great rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want them in your home, don’t let them go into someone else’s.

In addition, if you end up hiring someone and recognize red flags popping up during the first few days or weeks, don’t ignore them. Bad habits from employees can pop up after the interview is over, even if they talked up a big game about themselves. Teaching a person who has the right attitude rather than trying to retrain someone out of their bad habits is a much better road to go down when making new hires. Furthermore, utilizing an online system to run background checks on people will help you tenfold. You never know what people have done in their past, if they have recurring patterns, or if they’ve committed crimes. Use your judgment depending on what you find, as some people are willing to change and on paths of growth, and some people are not.

In any case, you’ll want to treat the employees you hire with respect, dignity, grace, and give them the benefit of the doubt. If you end up hitting it off with a prospect during the interview, you can create an incentive by providing them with enough hours to stick around. Since this serves as an investment to the employee, it will act as a way to retain them long-term, even during the quiet months. You’ll want to make sure you’re communicating clearly with the prospective employee what your terms are, what you expect of them, but also how the opportunity can benefit them professionally. Respect goes both ways, and more often than not, if you’re an open, honest individual, this will pay off with great employees.

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