How Can I Scale My Window Cleaning Business?

How Can I Scale My Window Cleaning Business?

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Hire a Window Cleaner: Getting Started

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Are you looking to grow your window cleaning business and gain new customers at a rapid pace?

Well, Window Cleaning Resource is coming at you full force with the all-new Hire a Window Cleaner online directory!

Built exclusively for window cleaning businesses to connect to new or existing customers, this brand-new feature is comparable to the Yellow Pages. Unlike the Yellow Pages, however, it is seamless for customers to navigate from their computer or smartphone, easy on the eyes, and most importantly, it won't take up half of their bookshelf. The only setback? They can't sit on it to gain a few inches.


Hire a Window Cleaner will save your customers time, effort, and the headache of searching endlessly for the right business for their specific needs.

This is because Hire a Window Cleaner streamlines the search process for them. By simply inputting their zip code into the search bar, they can find a local cleaner who best suits their needs and contact them in no time.

How do you get your business onto this site, you ask? We've made it simple!

Not only is adding your business to this search engine quick and easy to do, but once your page is uploaded, you'll be able to make as many edits as you need as your business and skills grow. This directory allows you to brand yourself by providing areas for images and information, and lets customers narrow down what they're searching for, whether it's residential, commercial, storefront, mid or high-rise, with simple check box filters.

To get started, you'll need to create an account. Here are the 10 steps you'll need to take to add your business to the Hire a Window Cleaner online directory.

Step 1: Visiting the Site

The first step in the process will be visiting the site. By either clicking here or typing in, you'll be directed to the site and be able to get started.

Once you're there, you'll see in the corner "Add Business" which is circled in red in the following image:

Once clicking this as a first-time visitor, you'll be redirected to this page, where you'll select "Register":

Step 2: Registering

Now that you've reached this stage, you will want to select "Business", add your Display Name, your business email, and a strong password. Keep in mind that your Display Name will be public and the title of your company. Once you are satisfied with this section, click "Sign Up."

Step 3: Adding Your Business

Like the savvy Matrix-hacker you are, you're in, and it's time to start adding those all meaty details that make your business stand out to customers. On the following page, you'll see that familiar "Add Business" button that you clicked on when first creating your account. This time, it will direct you to actually adding your business' details. Click on "Add Business" again for the following step.

Step 4: Adding Your Specifications

Time to bust out the bragging rights!

In this section, you'll reach a page to add more information regarding your window cleaning business. This is where you can list your business name, phone number, address, and email. Additionally, you can conveniently check off the services you provide and your preferred methods of providing estimates and booking appointments.

Step 5: Describing Your Business

What's even more exciting is you'll be able to add a description that is completely unique to you and your window cleaning business. When describing your business, consider: What does your business value? What will your business guarantee? What do you provide to customers that other businesses don't? Is there something your brand stands for or specializes in?

This description box gives you the opportunity to put yourself out there and gives customers something to digest. By relaying this information, too, you'll start building trust right from the get-go. Furthermore, providing a simple and honest description of your business gives you the power to set important boundaries. Boundaries will provide expectations for the customer, so they know what to expect. It also gives them something they can either agree or disagree with, which adds to the trust-building. Finally, it eliminates possible points of miscommunication, which we know are inevitable to arise while conducting business. The more you communicate your word and stick to it, the more customer loyalty you will gain. So, set your rules and follow them - your customers will most likely follow suit.

You'll also be able to attach links to your social media accounts, and add any many as you'd like! This way, customers can view your content through forms they may be more used to, enjoy more, and share with their friends and family easier. To add your social networks, click "Add":

Step 5: Uploading Your Profile & Cover Photos

Creating artwork for your brand can be a polarizing experience: on the one hand, it can be one of the most fun aspects and give you the room to express to your customers visually what your brand's image is. For visually-minded people, it may even be easier for to get their message across to their clientele.

On the other hand, it can be quite daunting if visual art isn't your strongest facet, and don't know where to begin.

Luckily, Window Cleaning Resource has got you covered! If you need help creating your logo and/or brand artwork, click here for WCR's Custom Design Service. Our creative and skilled staff will work with you each step of the way and help you actualize your vision.

Now, once you've got your logo and artwork solidified, it's time to upload them to your Hire a Window Cleaner page. You will, however, want to ensure that your images are below 2 GB. It is recommended that you resize your photos using the program Bulk Resize Photos.

Step 6: Optimizing Your Artwork

Bulk Resize Photos is not only super-fast, but it's also easy to use to compress images, reduce their size, or convert their file type, completely privately and 100% free.

Click on the name of the site above to be brought to their webpage. Once you're there, select "Choose Images."

Open the folder or locate the file on your computer. Select it, then click "Open."

There are 3 steps in this area, circled in red on the image and described below: Step #1: Scale images to 100% of the original dimensions. Step #2: Drag the Image Quality bar to 80%. Step #3: Click "Start".

Your image(s) will be downloaded to your computer. For Mac users, you'll be able to find the file in your Finder. For Windows users, consider dragging the downloaded image to your desktop for easy retrieval.

Step 7: Uploading your Logo and Cover Image

Now that your image files have been resized and downloaded, click on the dotted outlined box with the gray arrow to upload the Logo file to your page.

Select your image and click "Open." Repeat these steps for the Cover Image.

Now, that should look much snazzier!

Step 8: Listing the Areas You Service

Establishing your territory: this is one of the most essential pieces to uploading your business to Hire a Window Cleaner. By listing the areas you service, you provide local customers with the ability to find your business on this directory! To fill this out, search by town or zip code and click on "Add Location" to add another area.

Step 9: Submit Your Business for Approval

Now that you've gotten all your juicy information onto that page, it is time to submit your business page for approval.

Once approved, you'll be visible to the public and gain customer inquiries in no time flat!

Step 10: Relish in the Fruits of New Business!

Congratulations on your new Hire a Window Cleaner Business page! We at Window Cleaning Resource wish you the best of luck. If you need help, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 862-266-0677. Our window cleaning experts will assist you with product questions, services we offer, navigating through the directory, or anything window cleaning related! Happy cleaning!


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