Do you get your windows cleaned monthly?

Do you get your windows cleaned monthly?

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Do you get your windows cleaned monthly?

Window cleaners everywhere have heard the question from customers before, “how often should I get my windows cleaned?”

Depending on whether you’re cleaning residences, storefronts, or large commercial buildings, the answer may change on how often to return to clean their windows. But, it is safe to suggest monthly cleanings no matter what kind of business you’re conducting, so you make frequent contact with the customer and build upon that business relationship. Some customers will require more, some customers will require less. Plus, cleaning as frequently as this means healthy maintenance for their home or business. This is a good average, but some businesses that work with cooking oil may need you more often, and a business such as a boutique or a bookstore may need you less.

If you also offer services besides window cleaning, such as gutter cleaning, scratch removal, stain removal, screen care, pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, roof cleaning, and more, you can pay even more frequent visits to your customers, all while alternating services so that their entire home or business is hygienic all year round. Paying people visits more frequently is a great way to let your customers know that you care about the health of their home, their business, and most importantly, their families or clientele, and wish to eliminate any allergens or bacteria that could be lingering on their surfaces. So, in this week’s Window Cleaner University article, we’ll talk about how to visit your customers more frequently to keep their homes and businesses fresh and clean every single month.

Justify the Need

In order for customers to agree to receive monthly visits from their window cleaner, they’ll have to be able to justify the need, cost, and importance of the service itself. Many window cleaners will build service packages for their residential, storefront, or commercial customers with varying tiers and discounts. These can also come with service agreements that act as contracts so customers and window cleaners can both agree on pricing and scheduling months in advance. Depending on the preference of both parties, this can be in either dollar amounts or percentages taken off of their final bill, as distinct regions or groups of people respond to both differently. Not only does building and providing service plans and packages allow the window cleaner to build up their schedules, but it also helps improve customer relations as they learn they can rely on their provider.

When first visiting your client, you can ask them some questions to get to know them and their situation. If the client is unavailable during your first visit, some window cleaners request they fill out a physical or email survey to state certain conditions, such as how many people live in the home or how much foot traffic comes in and out of the business. Other things to ask are what issues their home or business gives them, if there are children or animals present, if they have many trees around their property, if they have solar panels, or even if they cook frequently. All of these aspects can help service providers learn what other amenities to offer in between or in addition to basic window cleaning or help them figure out how often to visit for specifically the glass.

Provide a Plan

If the customer decides they want you to visit monthly to clean their windows, it can be wise to construct a service agreement stating that they’d receive their 6th and 12th month at a discount if they don’t break an appointment. This can incentivize the customer to keep having you back, as there is a “carrot,” so to speak, dangling for them to chase. In addition, if the customer prefers you only clean their windows every 3 months, 4 months, or even further apart, you can suggest other services to them, drawing from your previous survey or conversation you’ve had in the past. If you’re looking to obtain new customers to visit monthly while passing along the knowledge of your service packages, advertising online through Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok can help you gain folks by sending a clear message that they’d be able to save some money with you. Furthermore, sending out informative postcards, pamphlets, or leaving behind Window Clings with QR codes that lead to an explanation of your service packages can help customers be aware of your “literature.” Not only does this emphasize your branding, but it serves as a “menu” for them to peruse.

If sending out postcards seems too expensive, then looking into a CRM that will email or text clients at the intervals you have set can help you immensely, for a much lower price point. Plus, you can automate messages to remind customers of your upcoming appointment, let them know of any specials you’re offering, and otherwise keep them in the loop of any goings on in your company. Most often, if you don’t reach out, you aren’t likely to receive their business.


Providing monthly services to the same customers can also keep it cheap for them and lucrative for you. Why is this? Well, developing a secure route can make planning, traveling, and preparing your vehicle with all the right tools so much easier. This way, you’ll be able to tackle more customers in your day, know what to expect when you arrive, and have more time to make arrangements for outlying customers who may require special services or equipment. All of these things can make your life as a window cleaner so much easier, plus life as a business owner much more cost-effective. Every little thing you can do to save yourself time and energy counts!

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