XERO Ultimate Deluxe Upgrade Kit

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Take your waterfed pole up a notch with this Ultimate Deluxe Upgrade Kit that includes everything from a wide variety of fittings to a new hybrid brush. 

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The Ultimate XERO Deluxe Upgrade Kit takes your waterfed pole from basic to premium!

You get a hybrid brush with boars hair bristles for scrubbing, surrounded by nylon bristles for glide. The dual trim design means the inner boars hair stays stiff to agitate dirt on the glass while the nylon splays to the edges of the window. The Tucker Swivel Gooseneck and Rinse Bar can be added to your brush to create the Tucker Alpha Brush. It swivels from side to side while cleaning and rinses without the brush even touching the glass. The bronze wool pad holder attaches at your standard gooseneck for extra aggressive scrubbing of built-up grime like bird droppings.

The UniValve is an easy to use on/off valve that sits inside your pole and allows you to turn off flow to your brush with a simple tug. Or try the durable In-Line Shut-Off Valve that splices into your hose line wherever you find it most convenient. There is a wide variety of included fittings that let you set up your pole the way you want. The 100 feet of premium XERO Hose allows you to travel further without having to constantly move your purification system. 

Use the Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone Kit so you can attach your traditional tools on your waterfed pole. Upgrade your set-up today!

Check out everything that is included:

  • Tucker Hybrid Brush - 12 Inch
  • XERO Premium Hose - 100 Feet
  • Tucker Swivel Gooseneck
  • Tucker Rinse Bar
  • XERO Bronze Wool Pad Holder
  • Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone Kit
  • Exceed UniValve
  • Premium 5/16" to Garden Hose Quick Connect
  • XERO Outlet Quick Connect
  • EZ Snap Quick Connect Set
  • Y Push Fittings
  • T Push Fittings
  • Straight Push Fittings
  • In-Line Shut-Off Valve
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