We are super excited about this upgrade to the Xero Pro line!

In this video, Alex shows us the similarities and differences between the NEW Xero Pro BASIC and the Xero Pro PLUS poles. First the similarities. Both are high-quality Carbon Fiber poles. Both also come with a premium Nylon, Dual Trim Tucker Brush as well as Xero Hose and the correct fittings.

Now for the differences. One is the rigidity, the Xero Pro Plus is going to be a bit more rigid than the Xero Pro Basic.

Another key difference is the clamps. The Xero Pro Plus will now come standard with bolted on Phantom clamps. The Xero Pro Basic will also come with bolted on clamps, not as nice as the Phantom ones, but still high quality. No more glued on clamps! Both also have a horizontal lever that is easy to adjust.

There is also a price difference between the two, the Xero Pro Plus being a little more expensive. Check out either of these great poles at Shop WCR! In stock and now shipping!