Facelift Pure Water Systems

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  1. Facelift Trojan Trolley System
    Facelift Trojan Trolley System

    Starting at $677.83

  2. Facelift-Compact-Van-Mount-85-Gallon-Front-View
    Facelift Compact Van Mount - 85 Gallon

    Starting at $1,510.00

  3. Facelift-Compact-Van-Mount-112-Gallon-Front-View
    Facelift Compact Van Mount - 112 Gallon

    Starting at $1,589.00

  4. Facelift-Phoenix-Van-Mount-System-92-Gallon-Front-View
    Facelift Phoenix Van Mount System - 92 Gallon

    Starting at $2,650.00

  5. Facelift-Phoenix-Van-Mount-132-Gallon-DI-System-Front-View
    Facelift Phoenix Van Mount System - 132 Gallon

    Starting at $3,150.00

  6. Facelift-Phoenix-Van-Mount-172-Gallon-DI-System-Front-View
    Facelift Phoenix Van Mount System - 172 Gallon

    Starting at $3,450.00

  7. Facelift-Carbon-Filter-Front-View
    Facelift Carbon Filter
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Facelift Systems are state of the art window cleaning technology in a small package. The Facelift Compact Van Mount is the newest product. Eight different configurations are available. Choose between built in DI purification or delivery only. Both options come in 85 or 112 gallon capacity. They are ideal for a smaller van or truck where space is a premium. DI and RO/DI Facelift Phoenix Van Mount systems are also available. Choose from 92, 132 or 172 gallon capacities. The DI only systems are ideal for areas with soft water. The RO/DI systems are perfect for areas with hard water. Facelift also manufactures water fed poles and water fed accessories.

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