Water Fed Poles

Water Fed Poles and equipment available. Choose from top industry brands including Tucker, Unger, Xero, Northen Lite, Ionic, Ettore and Facelift. We carry water fed poles consisting of durable Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Carbon Fiber material. Hybrid and himod carbon fiber are also available. Depending on the model, poles can reach anywhere from ground level windows to 6 stories and above. Need help? Give us a call 862-266-0677.

Simpole Water Fed Poles

SimPole Water Fed Poles

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  1. XERO Pro Basic 30 Foot Carbon Fiber Pole Full View
    XERO Pro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

    Starting at $499.00

  2. Tucker ECO Carbon Fiber Pole 30 Foot Front View
    Tucker ECO Carbon Fiber Pole

    Starting at $501.89

  3. Tucker-Pole-System-B-Model-Full-View
    Tucker Pole System - B Model

    Starting at $316.82

  4. Tucker-Pole-System-C-Model-Front-View
    Tucker Pole System - C Model

    Starting at $311.80

  5. Tucker-Pole-System-ASH-Model-Full-View
    Tucker Pole System - ASH Model

    Starting at $226.31

  6. Tucker-Pole-System-ADH-Model-Full-View
    Tucker Pole System - ADH Model

    Starting at $251.45

  7. Tucker 3K Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole 25 Foot
    Tucker 3K Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

    Starting at $905.21

  8. Unger-nLite-Carbon-Fiber-Pole-Complete-View
    Unger nLite Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Kit

    Starting at $1,069.91

  9. Unger nLite HiMod Carbon Fiber Waterfed Pole Kit Front View
    Unger nLite HiMod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Kit

    Starting at $1,655.45

  10. Unger-nLite-ULTRA-HiMod-Carbon-Fiber-Water-Fed-Pole-Kit-Front-View
    Unger nLite ULTRA HiMod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Kit

    Starting at $2,215.80

  11. Northern-Lite-Waterfed-Pole-Full-View
    Northern Lite Water Fed Pole

    Starting at $795.00

  12. Ettore-Aquaclean-HiMod-Carbon-Fiber-and-Aluminum-Pole-Front-View
    Ettore Aquaclean HiMod Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Pole

    Starting at $1,459.57

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Choosing the right water fed pole depends on a few key factors.

Consider the height you need to reach and the material that will best suit your needs. Also, note what types of jobs you will be doing. Knowing this information will help you choose the best water fed pole for your needs. Cost, durability, and weight are a few of the most popular concerns to customers. Water fed poles can extend up to various heights depending on the pole you use and what your needs are. Some models also offer extensions to their poles. Extensions add even more length to your pole without compromising rigidity. Extensions and upgrades allow the user to grow and expand their business. 

Most window cleaners will have several poles of varying lengths and different brush-bristle combinations. 

How does it work? 

Poles fitted with a brush delivers water to glass for streak-free window cleaning. Purified water gets fed through the hose out of a window cleaning brush that can scrub and clean the glass. Purified water (water with no mineral content) leaves glass streak free when it dries.

There are a few documented benefits to using water fed pole technology. Speed, safety, and flexibility are among the top benefits. A water Fed Pole system can cut down on job time without sacrificing quality. With a water fed pole, the user can clean both the windows and frames at the same time. Safety is also a huge benefit. Water fed pole technology allows the user to operate from the ground.

There is no need for ladders, scaffolding or lifts which can reduce safety risks for you or your staff. Finally, water fed poles provide flexibility and unlimited growth potential. As your company grows, you can upgrade as needed. Pure water systems and other waterfed accessories are also available. Choose from DI tanks, basic 3 + 4 or 5 stage systems powered by tap pressure, battery, or electric. You can choose from various accessories like water fed brushes and TDS meters. We also carry goosenecks, adapters, hose reels, quick connects, shut off valves and more! Replacement filters and housings for all poles and systems are in stock and ready to ship.  

For more information feel free to give us a call or live chat with any of our knowledgeable specialists.

We can suggest a water fed pole based on your company's needs that are also within your budget. Call 862-266-0677.

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