Xero Spare Parts & Sections

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  1. XERO Micro Section
    XERO Micro Section

    Starting at $99.00

  2. XERO Micro 3K Section
    XERO Micro 3K Section

    Starting at $129.00

  3. XERO Micro 3K Gold Section
    XERO Micro 3K Gold Section

    Starting at $149.00

  4. XERO Basic Section
    XERO Basic Section

    Starting at $41.60

  5. XERO-Standard-Sections-All-View
    XERO Standard Section

    Starting at $54.70

  6. XERO Pro Section
    XERO Pro Section

    Starting at $66.36

  7. XERO Pro Basic Section
    XERO Pro Basic Section

    Starting at $99.00

  8. XERO Ultimate Section
    XERO Ultimate Section

    Starting at $152.36

  9. XERO Pro Basic Add On Set
    XERO Pro Basic Add On Set

    Starting at $198.00

  10. XERO Universal Extension Adapter
    XERO Universal Extension Adapter

    Starting at $20.00

  11. XERO Replacement Clamp Front View
    XERO Replacement Clamp

    Starting at $4.99

  12. XERO Clamps All Sizes Side View
    XERO Replacement Clamp - Glue On

    Starting at $9.94

  13. XERO Pole Lever Black Top View
    XERO Pole Lever

    Starting at $5.65

  14. XERO Clamp Nut
    XERO Clamp Nut

    Starting at $1.19

  15. XERO Pole Tips
    XERO Pole Tips

    Starting at $3.69

  16. XERO Base Cap
    XERO Base Cap

    Starting at $5.54

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Xero waterfed poles are superior in quality, rigidity and price. Every Xero waterfed pole arrives to your door complete with hose, clamps, and a Tucker® Brush but at some point you may need a replacement part. Did you know we carry all of the replacement parts to keep your Xero pole in perfect working condition? Browse replacement pole sections for the Xero Basic, Standard, Pro and Ultimate. We also carry replacement clamps, pole tips, levers, base caps and more. Browse the complete section of Xero waterfed poles or the best selling Xero Pure.

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