Unger nLite HydroPower Stage 4

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Unger nLite HydroPower is like no other DI system on the market. With this system, users can change resin faster and get the most life out of their resin. HydroPower systems come with resin installed and ready to use.

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The Unger nLite HydroPower Stage 4 System is like no other DI system on the market. Designed for efficiency, users can change resin faster and get the most life out of their resin as compared to other systems.

The top of the system utilizes a FastLock opening so it can detach with the push of a button and a simple twist. The safe, self-locking mechanism engages when you're done changing the filter. The HydroPower uses quick changing, pre-portioned resin bags so you only need to lift the old resin bag out and drop in a replacement in seconds. Now you can easily change resin on the job site reducing downtime. Unlike any other system, the HydroPower uses a patented FloWater distribution system to spread water evenly throughout the resin bag making it 30% more efficient. This eliminates water channeling through resin too easily or quickly resulting in some resin becoming exhausted before the rest.

With the inline TDS monitor, users can keep an eye on water quality without interrupting the flow of work. The housing of the HydroPower is made from an extremely rugged polymer material that won't crack or break in transit and can withstand significant abuse. It also features a pressure relief valve. Get the HydroPower Stage 1 today for the most efficient DI system available.

Expected Water Production Volume:

  • Soft Water up to 100ppm = up to 1680 gallons
  • Medium Water 100 - 250ppm = 650 - 1680 gallons
  • Hard Water 250 - 400ppm = 400 - 650 gallons
  • Very Hard Water 400ppm = 400 gallons
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