Unger HydroPower Stage 4 with Cart and nLite Carbon Fiber Kit - 55 Foot

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If you're a fan of Unger products, you'll love this ultimate pure water system that comes on its own, easy to move cart. The HydroPower Stage 4 features four DI compartments to remove contaminants and purify your source water. This package includes an nLite 55-Foot Carbon Fiber Pole.

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If you're looking for a top of the line package for your Pure Water needs, look no further. The Unger HydroPower Stage 4 has been matched with the nLite 55-Foot Carbon Fiber Pole for the ultimate in reach and quality.

The HydroPower Stage 4 uses DI resin that comes in pre-packaged bags to purify water. These convenient bags mean you don't have to worry about measuring out your resin when it's time to replace it and replacing it is now as easy as removing the old bag and plopping in the new. This tall system uses it's own cart for easy transportation on the job site.

The nLite 55-Foot Carbon Fiber Pole will let you reach four stories or more depending on the building. Work safely from the ground while still reaching those high windows. This lightweight and rigid pole uses a clamping system to extend to the full length when you need it, but can also work at shorter lengths. The pole includes nLite hose, an angle adapter, and an 11-inch Rectangle nLite Brush. Leave windows spotless when you purchase this package from Unger!

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