Unger HydroPower Stage 4 with Cart and nLite Carbon Fiber Kit - 44 Foot

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This top of the line package includes the Unger HydroPower Stage 4 on a cart and a 44-foot Carbon Fiber Pole. 

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The ultimate in HydroPower cleaning can be found in this package. This four stage system ensures source water is purified before it reaches your pole. The benefit of choosing the HydroPower Stage 4 is the ability to work, short-term, in hard water areas.When you find yourself mostly in soft water regions, and occasionally having to deal with higher TDS, choose the Stage 4.

The easy to use replacement bags are another great feature. They come pre-packaged and measured, so all you need to do is detach the top of the system to replace the bags. The system includes a TDS meter so you will know the quality of the water you are creating and if resin needs to be replaced.

A 44-Foot Carbon Fiber Pole is included in this package for reaching four stories on most structures. The Unger nLite series of poles use quality clamps and hosing for a long life of use. This pole comes complete with an angle adapter and an 11" brush. All you need is to hook up to the HydroPower Stage 4 to start cleaning! 

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