Unger HydroPower Stage 2 with Cart and nLite Carbon Fiber Kit - 55 Foot

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When you need the ultimate in reach, this nLite 55-Foot Carbon Fiber Pole will be the right choice. It's been paired with the Unger HydroPower Stage 2 on a cart for soft water areas. 

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Need a compact system with a long reach? Check out this Unger Package with a HydroPower Stage 2. This two-stage system utilizes DI resin to purify water for spotless cleaning. The resin is in prepackaged bags so replacing it is as easy as changing a k-cup. Simply open the top of the system with the touch of a button and a twist, pull out the old bag, and drop in a new one. Don't waste valuable time on the job trying to measure out resin or pouring it into the system.

The HydroPower features a patented FloWater distribution system to be 30% more efficient by evenly distributing water through the entire resin bag. To reach those super high windows, the included 55-foot Carbon Fiber Pole will get you around 5-stories. The Carbon Fiber Pole is lightweight and rigid enough for that long reach. It comes with hose, an angle adapter, and an 11" Rectangular Brush.

Once the package arrives, just hook the pole to the system to start cleaning.

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