Unger HydroPower Stage 1 and nLite Hybrid Kit - 22 Foot

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When working in soft water areas the Unger HydroPower Stage 1 is a DI system that will purify water before it gets to your pole, which in this package is a 22-Foot nLite Hybrid. 

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This compact purification package was put together for window cleaners working in soft water regions on shorter structures.

The Unger HydroPower Stage 1 uses DI resin to purify water before it gets to the nLite 22-Foot Hybrid Pole. The HydroPower is easy to use with replacement resin bags that take the guesswork out of refilling your resin. Simply remove the used up resin bag and replace it with a new one and you're ready to clean again. The inline TDS Meter allows you to keep a close watch on the quality of the water going to your pole. The 22-Foot Hybrid Pole offers an excellent balance of weight and rigidity. It includes the brush, an adapter, and hose so you can get started right away.

Choose this package or reach out to one of our product specialists to find out what other options might work for you. 

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